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10 Essential Tips for Jewelry Care

Having a gorgeous collection of jewelry at your disposal is a dream that every woman has. However, it’s even more important to know how to take care of these stunning pieces so you can use them for decades and even give them to your daughter or other special someone in the future. The right jewelry care is essential to maintain your accessories’ shine and flair forever.

With that in mind, we’ve condensed 10 of the most important tips for jewelry care. Following these recommendations will make your pieces shine and, thus, make you glow when you wear them.

1)  Put on your jewelry last

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Gold Earrings with round and Fancy Diamonds

The perfect time to put on your jewelry is right before dashing out of the door to impress your date or loved ones. This is to avoid manipulating the pieces too much while getting dressed. Also, if you’re wearing a gorgeous pair of long earrings, you won’t get them caught up in your brush while styling your hair. Some say that beauty is pain, but it shouldn’t hurt so much!

2) Stay away from perfumes, creams, and oils

Another big reason why you should wait until the end to put on your jewelry is to ensure that any perfume, cream or oil you’ve applied to your skin has been absorbed. Chemicals in beauty products can affect the stone and the band, causing long term damage. Also, it stops the piece from collecting the smell of your perfume, which can lead to a strange funk in the long term.

3) Remove your jewelry during certain activities

We all wish we could bring out our glamour to some of the least glamorous activities in our schedule, but it isn’t always wise. When cleaning your house, taking care of the garden or cooking, you should keep your hands jewelry-free, to avoid contact with chemicals which could harm the pieces. Once you’re done, thoroughly wash your hands, to remove any residual product, before putting them back on.

Other more fun-oriented activities are also a no-no for your precious jewelry. When swimming (no matter how luscious some music videos make it look) you shouldn’t wear your bling, as saltwater and chlorine are awful for your gemstones. Also, skip wearing them when exercising or practicing sports, as it could hurt you or others.

4)  Wipe your jewelry after wearing it

Once you’re back home and out of the spotlight, take off your pieces and wipe them before putting them away. Use a soft lint-free cloth, made for jewelry pieces, and rub it gently against the piece. It may seem tedious if it’s been a long day, but we promise you, it’ll be worth it in the long term.

5)  Store your jewelry properly

After wiping your pieces, it’s time to store them. But this isn’t about throwing them blindly in your drawer and dozing off. Your jewelry collection deserves better treatment. Use a special jewelry box to keep your precious gems or, at the very least, store each piece in the pouch or box it came in when you received them.

When choosing a jewelry box, go for one with separate compartments for each piece to avoid gems rubbing against each other, causing scratches and cracks. For necklaces or pendants, you could use a jewelry tree to display them and avoid annoying tangles.

Some gems are more sensitive to the environment than others, so also take that into consideration. For example, pearls and opals need to take in moisture from the air to remain fresh.

6)  Watch out for DIY jewelry cleansers

DIY jewelry cleansers seem to be practical and safer than store-bought solutions, but are they right for each type of gem in your arsenal? Not exactly. If you’ve purchased your accessory, ask the jeweler what are his/her recommendations for products or natural solutions for jewelry care. Make sure not to mix up cleansing products with the wrong pieces: for example, don’t use silver cleanser for gold or platinum.

Threads and beaded jewelry shouldn’t be wet under any circumstance, since it could weaken the string, leading to long-term breakage. If you’d like to clean porous gems, stick to a damp cloth, since it can absorb any chemical you use and remove its shine.

Regardless what you’re cleaning, stay away from toothpaste or abrasive solutions, which can seriously damage your jewelry piece.

7)  In a pinch, use a (very) mild cleanser

Still interested in trying a homemade cleansing solution? Use a small amount of mild liquid soap mixed with warm water, and a soft toothbrush (think toddler approved). Gently brush the piece, rinse with water and let it air dry completely before putting it away.

8) Assess your gems’ state

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White Gold Rosette Stud Earrings with Illusion Set Diamonds

Has this ever happened to you? You’re mentally planning an outfit featuring a beloved piece you haven’t worn in a while. When you pick it up, it has some damage, stains or tarnishes you forgot to take care of. Thus, you have to change your plans at the last moment. It’s awful, right?

Prevent this by checking up on your jewelry once in awhile, at least twice a year. Some pieces can accumulate some wear and tear which should be treated by a professional to avoid irreparable damage.  This is also a good way to check if those stunning rosette diamond earrings still spark joy (Marie Kondo style) or are right for this season.

Look out for these signs to know if your precious piece needs some TLC from a professional:

 Tarnish in the surface.

 Stones which aren’t set in place.

  If the stone has been previously repaired, the treatment is wearing off.

  Scratches in the stone or the metal.

 It has a clasp that’s not staying shut.

9) Pick the right cleansing machine

Jewelry cleansing machines are trendy right now, since they provide an easy, hands-free approach to maintaining our precious pieces. But, they aren’t the ultimate cure-all solution to your entire jewelry drawer. Before you purchase one, take into account the following:

   Gems like emeralds and topaz shouldn’t be cleaned in these machines.

  If the gem was treated with resin or glass, it’s best to clean it manually.

  Don’t use it for gems which are slightly loose from their prongs.

Silver pieces and diamonds are safe for ultrasonic cleansers, as long as the latter hasn’t received any repairing treatment that could be incompatible with the machine’s vibrations.

10)   Take it to a professional

If your jewelry piece has some serious damage or you prefer to give it a deeper cleanse, it’s always best to take it to a professional jewelry cleaner. You can ask your jeweler for a recommendation or, if they offer a post-purchase cleansing service, take advantage of it. You can take your stunning pieces once a year, so specialists can check them and treat any blemish they find.
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