10 Jewelry Mistakes You Must Avoid -Forever-

It’s not a secret that most women dream of being surrounded by diamonds and timeless accessories to brighten their outfits and moods every day. As jewelry lovers, we are all obsessed with shiny pieces which will bring out the best in us.


A vital part of being a good jewelry lover is wearing their gorgeous pieces the right way, avoiding unfashionable jewelry mistakes. There is a reason why “less is more” is the ultimate tip for timeless style.

When you wear the right amount of accessories or choose the right pieces, the overall look is balanced and each element plays a clearly defined part. If we disregard this and go overboard, what we think looks exuberant may look tacky.

Someone once said that “too much is never enough” but, if it were true, why do we cover our eyes when we’re blinded by something too shiny?

It’s all about the right amount of shine.

In this blog post, we identified ten jewelry mistakes that you must avoid urgently, either for everyday life or for a big event. Making any of them can ruin your overall look and land you in Fashion Police jail.

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Keep this quote in mind while you determine if you’re guilty of at least one of the following common -yet deadly- style sins.

Mistake #1: Jewelry That Doesn’t Match The Occasion

Planning your outfits don’t start when you open your closet, but when you open your schedule for the day. A ZYDO woman never improvises, and by the time she programs an event in her calendar, she already has an idea of what to wear and which accessories to use.  

This white gold dangling diamond necklace is best for a nighttime gala, not so much for the office. We could say the opposite about this pair of yellow gold stud earrings with diamonds, they are ideal for that big meeting you have scheduled on Monday.


ZYDO White Gold Dangling Necklace with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds


ZYDO Yellow Gold Round Stud Earrings with Fancy Cut Diamonds Illusion Set

Mistake #2: Wearing Incompatible Materials

Fine jewelry can be made of anything from rose gold to orange sapphires. 

A unique and beautiful woman deserves to wear jewelry that enhances her stunning features, not overpower them or wash them out with the wrong material. It is also important to make sure that the different materials used in your jewelry coordinate -not clash-.

Knowing, for instance, which shade of gold looks best on you guarantees that you’ll always look amazing.

Still, a very skilled designer can coordinate all sorts of seemingly incompatible materials for an unforgettable look. This triple-banded ring with white, yellow, and rose gold is a clear example of striking compatibility.

ZYDO Triple Banded Rose, White, and Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds Illusion Set

Mistake #3: Not Focusing On a Single Statement Piece

I feel your pain… Sometimes it’s hard to choose among our beloved jewelry pieces, and we are tempted to wear all of them at once. Don’t!

Wisdom and style are sometimes painful, yet necessary. You need one piece of jewelry to become the focal point. The rest should accessorize it.

If you’re wearing a loud piece such as this colorful gold pendant with diamonds, sapphires, and amethyst, then keep the rest of your jewelry subtle. Absolutely subtle -if any-.

White Gold Flower Pendant with Diamonds, Blue Sapphires and Amethysts

 Mistake #4: Wearing Dirty/Damaged Jewelry

Dirty jewelry is frequently seen, yet terrible.

And this is something every gem lover should know: Chemicals in perfumes and other beauty products can affect the stone and the band, causing long-term damage. (Eternal damage, if you consider fine jewelry is forever).

The gem could also collect some of the smell of your perfume, which could lead to a strange funk in the long term.

Who in the world would want that?

However, not everyone can clean jewelry. Take only five minutes of your time to read our 10 essential tips for jewelry care and maintain your accessories’ shine and flair.

Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Hairdo for Your Earrings

Don’t even try to deny it: The best match for a beautiful pair of earrings is a hairstyle which will let them shine.

We’re all for big hair and fancy updos, but they shouldn’t steal the attention from your earrings, otherwise, they’ll clash badly.

If you’re wearing anything similar to this pair of white gold chandelier earrings with diamonds, it’s best to keep your hair sleek, behind your ears, so that everyone can catch a glimpse of them.

White Gold Chandelier Earrings with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds



Looking to rock a bigger hair? Go ahead, girl.

But make sure you go for some small, discreet earrings, such as these flower stud earrings with diamonds.

 White Gold Flower Stud Earrings with Fancy Cut Diamonds Illusion Set

There are other things you must take into account when choosing the pair of earrings that better match your outfit.

For example, note that dangling earrings will probably bring some attention to your shoulders (this part of the body is usually flattering because it is one of the last to age), but the same long dangling earrings can make a woman with long hair look messy.

If you have multiple ear piercings: don’t worry too much! You’re not alone. They have actually become fairly common.

Just make sure you coordinate all the pieces with style and wear the largest earrings in the lowest piercings. It’ll be fine!

Mistake #6: Matching Everything Perfectly

Though we’ve mentioned how essential it is to wear jewelry that doesn’t clash and that can subtly accessorize whatever you decide your focal point to be, it is crucial that you embrace the following piece of advice: Never, ever -please! I’m begging you- wear too many matching pieces of jewelry.

This means that maybe it’s OK if your earrings match your bracelet… but if everything you wear is part of a rigorous set, it’ll seem that you’re missing identity and imagination.


For a layered look, you want to appear as someone who’s wearing a compilation of pieces you have collected over the years. If you bought all your jewelry pieces as an ensemble, don’t let them tell.

Mixing styles and colors is a way to personalize your style. Our suggestion?

These stackable diamond stretch bracelets. Many is never enough.

After all, you have to take certain risks in order to win.

Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds, Multicolor Sapphires, and Tsavorites

Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds

 Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds and Emeralds

Mistake #7: Choosing the Wrong Pendant for Your Neckline

When it comes to pendants and necklaces, you have to make sure you’re choosing the right piece for the top you’re wearing. Otherwise, the lines from the top and the chain may look awkward, as if you picked up the piece in a haste before leaving.

Instead, follow these guidelines for the most popular necklines:

 White Gold Tennis Necklace with Diamonds


White Gold Balls Pendant with Diamonds

Turtlenecks and boat necks look great with long chain necklaces, like this one with black and white diamonds and pearls.


White Gold Long Necklace with Black and White Diamonds



Keep these tips in mind when planning your next outfit, with an eye-catching neckline.

Mistake #8: An Untidy Manicure

Whether you are showing off your amazing new ring (such as this stunning white gold flower diamond ring), or you got engaged recently, all eyes will be on your hands.

White Gold Flower Ring with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds

But let’s admit it: There’s nothing more anticlimactic than a beautiful ring surrounded by terrible-looking nails.

Regardless if you like a classic French look, or something more extravagant, make sure you schedule regular manicure sessions to keep your hands fresh and young.

To top it off, we have this amazing post on what’s the perfect ring for your nail shape that will forever change your life.

Mistake #9: Wearing ALL the rings

Proud of your ring collection? So are we! But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to fill your fingers with them before a big night out.

Choose one (yes, one!) and wear it proudly, because every ring deserves to be the center of attention.

If you’re engaged (or married), you may ask yourself if it’s right to wear a second ring for a special occasion, without upstaging the symbol of your eternal love.

We give you two sweet options for your look:


White Gold Stretch Ring with Black and White Diamonds

White Gold Flexible Cocktail Ring with Round and Pear Shape Diamonds


Mistake #10: Not Being True to Yourself

In the end, the biggest mistake any woman can make when choosing jewelry is to put aside her personality and sense of style.

Make sure to pick pieces that speak to your true self. Someone’s favorite piece may be too much for another person, but don’t let that deter you from wearing it proudly.

After all, the second most important accessory a woman must wear is her confidence; the first one, a gorgeous piece from ZYDO.

Ready to clean the slate and correct your jewelry mistakes?

Head out to www.zydo.com now and pick up a new piece for your collection.

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