4 Reasons Why You Need a Stretch Diamond Bracelet

Even women who consider themselves jewelry lovers find it a challenge to choose a new piece for their personal collections. Statement earrings, diamond necklaces, coil rings… why can’t we have them all?

There’s one thing we can all agree on, though: stretch bracelets have a magnetic allure that drives us crazy.

We’ll give you our expert advice on how stretch bracelets can flatter and enhance and, once we’ve convinced you to love them too, why you should get yourself one immediately!

Hey, it’s free expert advice.

But before we get into the stretch bracelet topic, make sure you know how to choose the right diamond for you. Check our post on the 7 mistakes you should avoid when buying a diamond.

1. They’re perfect for every occasion

Yes, this is what they say about almost any accessory in the world, but this time, it’s a serious point. Stretch bracelets can be the perfect match for both your everyday and special occasion outfits.

Just picture yourself wearing your favorite high-waisted jeans, a white gauzy shirt, high and thin heels, and this yellow gold bracelet with multicolored sapphires and diamonds during a daytime meeting with your friends.

ZYDO Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds, Multicolored Sapphires, and TsavoritesNow, press the fast forward button and dress up for a romantic night at a new restaurant or maybe the ballet. A silky gown and some classic stud earrings – and the very same bracelet – make you look stylish and elegant.

If you want to take it to the next level of elegance, what about a bold and modern white gold diamond bracelet like this one?

ZYDO White Gold Wide Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds

2. They’re easy to slip on and off

Forget about asking for someone’s help to hold your bracelet closed. The band’s expanding action makes stretch bracelets easy and comfortable to slip on and off.

Be sure to pick a well-crafted piece to ensure the springs are strong and long-lasting.

ZYDO’s handcrafted Italian pieces are a great example of functional high quality. Check out this white gold statement piece, for instance.


3. They’re timeless

We’ve all felt the temptation to buy a statement piece that reflects our unique style and personality, but remember: when you buy something eternal, you must be willing to wear it for decades to come.

And yes, stretch bracelets are a big trend now, but if you take a quick look back, you’ll realize they’ve never gone anywhere. Your grandmother probably owned one – or a few – and so did your mother. Let’s not forget, either: diamonds are forever.

Investing in a diamond stretch bracelet means adding a piece to your repertoire that you’ll never regret.

If you want something subtle, classic, and versatile in its simplicity, consider something like this rose gold stretch bracelet with diamonds.

ZYDO Rose Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds

4. They’re fun to play with 

Let’s face it: when you’re proud of your jewelry collection, you’ll want to show it all off, all the time.

And though wearing incompatible materials is one of the 10 jewelry mistakes you must -forever- avoid, stretch bracelets are easy to match with many other of your favorite pieces.

You can match materials and wear them with stud, hoop, chandelier, or dangle earrings, and also with a subtle tennis necklace. You can even match them with a stretch diamond ring.

Remember you can stack your stretch bracelets and personalize your look by mixing different colors and textures. Let your playful, creative side shine like the sun. Check out our top picks for you to stack and have fun.

ZYDO Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds and Yellow SapphiresZYDO Rose Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds and Orange SapphiresZYDO Rose Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds and Pink Sapphires

So, are you ready to start an expanding love affair? Visit our website for more unforgettable handcrafted Italian fine jewelry: www.zydo.com

And, in case you’re planning to get yourself some diamonds, make sure you make the right choice. Download of Free Guide on How To Buy a Diamond.

Free Guide on How To Buy a Diamond


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