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5 Amazing Characteristics of Diamonds

April is definitely our favorite month of the year. Spring is arriving in full force, flowers are blooming and everything is a little brighter. Another big reason why we love this month is because its gemstone is the prettiest one of all: diamonds. We love diamonds and we believe that every ZYDO woman must own at least one diamond jewelry piece that will make her feel like a queen.

But, there’s much more that lurks behind the shiny surface of a pretty gem. There are many reasons why diamonds have captivated us for centuries, and we could go on about them forever. Instead, we chose six of our favorite traits of diamonds to inspire you to get yourself something sparkly to celebrate diamonds in this month.

Diamonds are Strong

Picture of White Gold Cocktail Ring with Diamonds Pave Set
White Gold Cocktail Ring with Diamonds Pave Set

We all know that a diamond is the hardest known stone across the elements. Precisely, that trait gave it their name. The word diamond derives from the Greek word adamas, meaning “unbreakable”. However not all diamonds possess the same hardness. Factors like purity of the gem and its crystalline appearance are key to determine how hard a specific gemstone is. The hardest natural diamonds are produced in the south-east of Australia, and because of their strength, are used mostly to polish other diamonds.

Every strong woman needs an unforgettable diamond jewelry piece in her wardrobe, such as this 18kt white gold ring. Featuring 1.75cts of round diamonds in an inch-wide circular shape, everyone around you will be struck by its beauty.

Diamonds are Rare

White Gold Ring with Five Rows of Diamonds
White Gold Ring with Five Rows of Diamonds

Diamonds were first discovered in India, around 6.000 years ago. They were highly regarded and used to decorate religious icons and as engraving tools. However, the actual rocks were much older than that. Most experts estimate that diamonds were formed more than three billion years ago!

Nowadays, many more countries are also mining diamonds in their territories: South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Botswana, Namibia and Russia are some of the countries who have active diamond mines.  That doesn’t guarantee, however, that all the diamonds hidden in these mines are suitable for jewelry. Only 20% of mined diamonds are considered gem-quality, and only 2% of them are considered flawless.

Speaking about rarity, if you’re looking to stand out with your designer jewelry only by design, this ring is the one for you. This 18kt white gold ring features 1.82cts of sparkling round diamonds, arranged over five sturdy rows of shine. It’s perfect for daytime wear and for any informal event you have on the horizon.

Diamonds are Coveted

White Gold Flexible Cocktail Ring with Round and Pear Shape Diamonds
White Gold Flexible Cocktail Ring with Round and Pear Shape Diamonds

Because of its rarity and striking beauty, diamonds are highly coveted.  They have even received some unusual attributions! For example, in the Middle Ages, it was thought that diamonds had healing properties for physical and mental ailments. In some warrior-laden cultures, it was believed that wearing a diamond-incrusted armor gave courage and strength to the fighter.

We’re not sure about the healing benefits of diamonds, but that hasn’t stopped the diamond industry from chasing the biggest diamond cut they can find. Many people who love diamonds believe that the bigger the rock, the better, but could it be this big? The largest diamond cut to date was called the Cullinan diamond, from South Africa. It weighed around 3106 carats! Three diamonds cut out from it are part of the Crown Jewels of the British Royal Family.

Wearing such a big carat ring may not be practical for real life use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel its exclusivity with other diamonds. This 18kt white gold ring is the star of any outfit you pair it with. It showcases 4.97cts of sparkling round and pear shaped diamonds in a gorgeous shape which reminds us of fireworks… even if it’s a little early to be thinking about the 4th of July. Also, because it’s flexible but resistant, it’s comfortable to wear for hours and hours.

Diamonds are Romantic

White Gold Octagonal Ring with Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds Illusion Set
White Gold Octagonal Ring with Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds Illusion Set

A diamond is the ultimate symbol of love between two people, but its link with romance is relatively recent. The first diamond engagement ring was offered in 1477 by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary, duchess of Burgundy. This made the practice very popular amongst aristocrats and royals, who carried the tradition exclusively all the way until the late 19th century.

In the early 20th century, the Great Depression put a damper into the sales of engagement rings and other gemstones. Indeed, the price of diamonds collapsed and younger couples weren’t interested in buying them. However, in the late 1940’s big jewelry companies relaunched the diamond engagement as the ultimate symbol of eternal love, a position it hold strongly until today.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge with your beloved, and are dreaming of a fairy-tale but chic proposal, you need to send him a picture of this ring. This stunning 18kt white gold ring features 1.15cts of round and emerald cut diamonds, which are set to create the look of larger stones. Plus it just looks amazing with anything you wear, especially as a breathtaking engagement ring.

Diamonds are Beautiful

Picture of White Gold Cocktail Ring with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds
White Gold Cocktail Ring with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds

After all, the most important reason why we love diamonds is because of its beauty and shine. However, as we all know, no two diamonds shine exactly the same way, and you should be familiar with the four Cs of Diamonds to pick the best one for you. Let’s give you a quick review of the four Cs:

  • Cut: it goes way beyond the shape of the diamond itself. To determine how optimal the cut of the diamond is, experts shine a light towards the gem and look for three key elements. The more they’re present, the higher the value.
    • Brightness: the white light reflected by the diamond.
    • Fire: how the white light turns into the colors of the rainbow.
    • Scintillation: the amount of sparkle
  • Color: Diamonds come in several colors, but the highest ranked ones have no color at all. Most differences in tone are very subtle, but they can make a huge difference in the value of the diamond.
  • Clarity: It examines how many inclusions and/or blemishes a diamond has. To the naked eye, these details are almost impossible to see, but diamond graders take them very seriously to determine the value of a gem.  Most of our ZYDO diamonds are categorized as VS, which stands for Very Slightly Included, nothing that will affect its beauty.
  • Carat: It measures the weight of a diamond. A single metric carat is equivalent to around 200 milligrams. It has been used as a measure point for diamonds since the 1570s; however the metric carat was formally established in 1907.

All of these four factors combined determine the value of any diamond you come across. But, no matter its cut or size, we truly believe that all ZYDO rings are beautiful!

Take for example this amazing white gold ring with fancy cut diamonds. It’s almost too gorgeous to look at.  Made from 18kt white gold, it showcases 4.74cts of four different diamond cuts: pear, marquise, princess and round. There’s indeed something for everybody in this ring. The stunning, almost cascading arrangement of the gems seems to burst with shine.

What’s your favorite diamond ring from this post? Are you looking for more diamond-laden options? Go to and get your fix of vitamin D… as in Diamonds!

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