Jewelry Gifts Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Jewelry Gift

Special people in your life deserve very special gifts. Jewelry is an amazing choice for the people you treasure—it shows not only that you value them highly, but also that you want to celebrate their unique beauty.

However, like any gift shopping, it’s a challenge—the ideal gift, the perfect choice for someone you love, shows that you understand their tastes and desires, and want to give them something beautiful that lasts—and will be appreciated—forever!

Do you want to follow the right path when it comes to giving the best gift? Follow ZYDO Italy’s advice and avoid these 5 jewelry mistakes when buying jewelry for someone you love!

But first, learn what jewelry mistakes to avoid when wearing your favorite pieces, so you know what kind of jewels you might consider as presents!

1. Buying For Yourself

The first mistake a lot of women make when gift shopping is choosing the first jewel they like in a store. Remember, you’re not buying a gift for you, but for the important person that this is all about! Consider what she likes, evaluate her tastes, and compare your possible choice to the kind of jewelry and fashion she usually wears.

For example, consider this Rose Gold Coil Ring with Diamonds from the ZYDO’s Spiral Collection. It’s eye-catching and definitely unique, but has a soft glow and understated colors—a versatile pick for a lover of low-key glamour.

Jewelry mistakes to avoid

What’s your friend’s birthstone? A lot of women enjoy wearing their birthstone as a reflection of themselves. Pieces such as this White Gold Flower Pendant with Diamonds, Blue Sapphires, and Amethysts celebrate the distinctive colors of some of the most common birthstones—do we have something in our collection that honors YOUR friend’s birthstone? Search our collections by Gem type and find out!

2. Purchasing jewelry from unreliable online stores

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of online retailers offering great deals and “authentic” gemstone jewelry. These are tempting opportunities you won’t want to miss. Can you trust them?

The short answer is, “it depends.”

You want the best gift for your loved one, and you want it to be authentic, fairly priced, and you want it to be a quality jewel. Look for recognized luxury jewelry brands or luxury department stores, such as ZYDO Italy, Neiman Marcus, and Saks, including their online stores. These are recognized, reputable international brands offering pieces like these Yellow Gold Round Stud Earrings With Diamonds.

Don’t waste time and money in online stores whose credibility you can’t verify. Be meticulous and careful when choosing, so you can find the best gift. If you use a jewelry care professional, ask them what brands and outlets they find trustworthy.

3. Not setting a realistic budget

The world of gemstone jewelry is full of variety; look long enough, and you’ll find something beautiful for just about anyone. That variety extends to price, too.

A very common jewelry mistake when looking for a gift is to go shopping without a budget or realistic expectation of how much you’ll spend.

Fortunately, the solution is simple—do your research! Quality has a price. It’s important to establish how much you can afford and look for the best options within that range. Narrow down your considerations to the outlets and styles you’re sure you want, and comparison shop! That’s how you’ll discover astonishing jewelry pieces such as this White Gold Pendant with Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds from ZYDO’s Mosaic Collection.

A high-quality luxurious piece, within reach of any realistic budget.

4. Choosing the wrong gemstone

Once you start collecting fine jewelry, it can get addictive—it’s easy to want every piece that looks beautiful. However, those of you who are savvy fashionistas already know—not every piece matches every outfit or style.

You may know your friend or beloved well, but no one’s psychic—we can never be completely sure what a gift recipient loves, so think versatile.

The most common gift mistake is to buy impulsively a piece that, while it’s beautiful, doesn’t complement your friend’s taste or look. Think about something wearable, simple, and stylish your special someone could wear on every occasion, like these White Gold Huggie Earrings with Diamonds.

Jewlery mistakes you should avoid

This is an excellent example of elegant and genuine jewelry that enhances any outfit!

5. Not doing your research

When you buy jewelry for any purpose, be informed. In addition to considering the value and properties of each gemstone, consider the setting, cut, and more. All these factors have an impact on the quality and cost of each piece and you should be aware of this fact when weighing your options.

If you’re looking for diamonds, learn the 4 C’s. These characteristics—cut, color, clarity, and carat—are how you’ll estimate the value and quality of stones when setting your budget. Learn how to evaluate diamonds, and you’ll discover great treasures such as this White Gold Flower Coil Bracelet.

Jewelry Gifts Mistakes You Should Avoid

The ZYDO Italy online store offers you the full sweep of our elegant collections, from Blooming to Unique—searchable by price, collection, stone, carat, and more (since you’re an educated consumer now)! Just take a look at our videos from our Youtube channel, so you can witness all the glamorous characteristics of all our stunning pieces firsthand:

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