5 Must-Have Diamond Jewelry Pieces

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewelry Pieces

Why is picking the right jewelry for your collection so important?

The right jewelry is your best friend—it builds you up, makes you feel beautiful and powerful, is there for you when you need it, and complements your personality. It’s also a lifelong partner—an investment in something you’ll keep forever. But it’s even more than that—the most special parts of your collection are treasures you’ll pass on to the next generation—maybe even beyond. If you’re buying something that important, you want it to be timeless.

The obvious question now: how can I know something’s timeless?
We´re here to help you. These are 5 essential—and timeless—diamond jewelry pieces every woman should own.

Want to focus on earrings? Here’s 5 pairs of earrings that should already be inside your jewelry box.

1. Diamond Studs

If we had to choose one piece of jewelry that represents effortless elegance, a pair of diamond studs is exactly the right amount of sparkle. You’ll never stop finding new ways and occasions to wear them, that’s for sure.

Take a look at this take on traditional stud earrings consisting of white gold flower settings spotting marquise and princess cut diamonds. They’re a great example of timeless style that will carry you from event to event for years to come.

Traditional stud earrings

2. A Cocktail Ring

Though cocktail rings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs, they all have one thing in common: they are bold, beautiful, and a conversation piece.

Make sure you choose one that truly speaks for your personality and style. We think this spectacular white gold cocktail ring with diamonds has a vibrant look for all occasions. Don’t you agree?

Gold Cocktail Ring

3. A Gold Chain

You can wear it with a beautiful pendant, let it stand alone, or layer it with your favorites for a bohemian chic look. However you choose to style it, there’s no doubt a gold chain is—and has always been—a jewelry essential.

For example, take a look at this rose gold chain and pendant with round and fancy cut diamonds. How many occasions and outfits of yours would this look amazing with?

rose gold chain

4. A Tennis Bracelet

Is it a coincidence that every stylish woman owns a tennis bracelet?

It’s simple, symmetrical, and it has a fascinating story. It inherited its name from that time when tennis player Chris Evert lost hers during a US Open match back in 1987 and decided to stop playing just to find it. That’s what you’ll do once you’ve found a bracelet you’ll love forever!

Our suggestion? This classic, always on-trend white gold tennis bracelet—perfectly accented with delicate, round diamonds.

white gold tennis bracelet

5. Gold Huggie Earrings

Gold huggies in your jewelry box will be your perfect companion on both a jean-and-T-shirt day and a perfect-black-dress night. They’ll never ever be out of fashion and flatter every face shape and style,

These handcrafted yellow gold earrings feature round diamonds in an elegant design. How can anyone live without them?

Gold Huggie Earrings

If you’re ready to start filling your jewelry box with these or any other treasures, an excellent next step in your jewelry education is identifying the best type of gold for your skin tone.

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