5 Must-Have Diamond Pieces From ZYDO's New Collection

5 Must-Have Diamond Pieces From ZYDO’s New Collection

Fall has arrived, bringing new sparkling diamond pieces from ZYDO Italy! No matter your style, we’re prepared to make you shine all year with our brand new collection.

There’s exquisite bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings that complement every part of your personality and style. When you choose handcrafted ZYDO jewelry, you’re not only getting a beautiful work of wearable art, you’re gaining a companion in beauty that you’ll treasure forever.

Ready to start the new season with the most wonderful diamond jewelry? Here’s a little sample of everything new we’ve brought for you.

But before we start, don’t forget to check which of these 5 types of rings you need to complete your personal collection! Our new fall collection has unique offerings sure to fit the bill.

5 New Diamond Jewels From ZYDO Italy

Get ready to shine with these fine diamond jewelry pieces!

Elegant Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are the shining stars of our new collection. An elegant and versatile bracelet style we personally love is bangles—unique pieces that defy definition. The star of our bangle collection this fall is this white gold bracelet with 1.36cts of marquise, pear, princess, and round cut diamonds.

A must-have diamond bracelet from the new ZYDO collection

This unique design is surely worthy of your jewelry box—and your wrist!  Get to know other types of diamond bracelets you should certainly own in our blog post: Top 5 Diamond Bracelets For Any Occasion.

Stunning Diamond And Sapphire Earrings 

At ZYDO we don’t just create pieces that celebrate the elegance and sparkle of the diamond. We love to play with colors, gemstones, and shapes to create unique pieces that go with every woman’s style. 

With that in mind, we created these stunning white gold huggie loop earrings with diamonds and blue sapphires, a unique blend of color and style that complements any look!

A must-have diamond earring from the new ZYDO collection

Fancy Diamond Necklaces

ZYDO’s philosophy is to blend our distinctively elegant and exclusive style with the newest trends. Today, we reinvent classic chokers with a chic and original touch.

Take a look at our newest creation: the white gold choker necklace with 9.90cts of dazzling marquise, pear, and princess cut diamonds.

A must-have diamond necklace from the new ZYDO collection

A necklace that will undoubtedly make you shine on any occasion!

Petite Sparkling Pendants

For those who want to add a little sparkle to their everyday look, we’ve created small and dazzling pendants full of shine and elegance. These stunning pieces can go with any outfit—you just have to combine them with your favorite chain and all eyes will be on you!

This exquisite white gold round pendant with diamonds is the perfect companion for a night out with friends or for a romantic date with that special someone, don’t you think? 

A must-have diamond pendant from the new ZYDO collection

Unique Diamond Rings

This fall brings a wide variety of breathtaking diamond rings that suit every ZYDO woman’s needs. 

Traditional styles are here, as well as pieces that creatively blend styles to create unique, bold, and stunning rings. 

Want an example? Take a look at this beautiful 18kt white gold shield ring with 1.10cts of pear, marquise, princess cut, and round diamonds. A ring that shows power and confidence! 

A must-have diamond ring from the new ZYDO collection

These are just a few of the many new diamond jewels that ZYDO Italy has created just for you. No matter your style, there’s a piece to fit your personality and taste!

Want to know more about our new jewelry collection? Visit ZYDO.com and have fun with the new diamonds that celebrate fall.

Want to see even more? Check out our YouTube Channel and discover all the surprises ZYDO Italy has prepared.

Here’s a sneak peek!

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