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5 Pairs of Earrings You Should Own

Every woman wants to own a big collection of gorgeous earrings.

Picking the right pair of earrings can get you into character for the day.

But, here’s the thing:

No matter how many you own, there are five pairs of earrings you should have in your jewelry box.

You’ll always make the right choice with these classics, which will allow you to be as dainty or outrageous as you want.

Also, if you follow the right jewelry maintenance tips, they’ll last you for decades.

Sounds great?

This week, we bring you our favorite timeless earrings, so you’re never out of style.

Diamond Stud Earrings

A pair of diamond stud earrings, octagonal shaped.

White Gold Octagonal Stud Earrings w/ Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds Illusion Set

Let’s start small with an everyday-ready pair.

Stud earrings may be small but that doesn’t mean that they cannot beam with shine. Their main traits are focused on their size and the fact that you cannot see from the front how they’re connected to the ears.

There are several types of fixtures for these types of earrings, ranging from the easy-to use earring back to the sturdier screw to keep it in place.

Classic diamond stud earrings may be round, but it’s always good to skip the norm every once in awhile, without losing glamour. If this sounds like you, then check out these 18kt white gold stud earrings. Featuring an octagonal shape, this pair showcases 0.98cts of round and emerald cut diamonds, placed in an illusion set. These are perfect for a day at the office, or playing second fiddle to a statement necklace.

Huggie Earrings

A pair of white gold earrings with diamonds.
White Gold Triple Half-Circle Huggie Earrings with Diamonds

Show some love to your ears by wearing a pair of Huggies.

It may sound strange, but the reason why this type of earrings is called that it’s because the setting hugs the wearer’s earlobe. It does it by having the clasp surround the back of the earlobe, locking the earring from behind.

This style is popular because it creates an elegant, more noticeable design which can be versatile.

If you’ve never had a pair of Huggies, begin with this 18kt white gold earrings from the Classic Chic collection. They showcase 0.40cts of sparkling round diamonds in an elegant and eye-catching design which is understatedly chic. This pair is easy to transition from daytime to nighttime, which makes it perfect for a day with a busy schedule.

Hoop Earrings

White Gold Medium Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

Hoop earrings may come and go as fashion favorites, but they always come back in vogue, one way or another. For example, after many years in hiding, hoops are one of the must-have accessories for Fall 2017.  Thus, it’s wise to invest in a timeless pair you can keep handy in your jewelry box.

With this in mind, take a look at these white gold hoop earrings with diamonds. They feature 1.88cts of sparkling round diamonds with a unique inside-out look. These earrings feature a signature setting with only prongs securing each diamond, which makes them light and wearable for full-day wear.

These earrings are great for daytime and nighttime, but what about something exclusive for an unforgettable night?

We have two great options for you:

Drop Earrings

A pair of white gold drop earrings with diamonds.
White Gold Drop Earrings with Diamonds Pave Set

Drop earrings were made for nighttime events, from the most intimate to the most extravagant kind.

The main feature that separates them from other long pairs are their shape, as it evokes the narrow start and wide end of a drop of water. This charming form has fascinated fashion lovers for centuries and it’s always in.

Picture yourself like this:

You’re wearing these white gold drop earrings with diamonds. Made from 18kt white gold, they showcase 4.73cts of dazzling round diamonds. Everyone’s smitten by their exquisite pave setting and the way they frame your face.  

You can bet that these drop earrings will make any evening look unforgettable.

Chandelier Earrings

A pair of white gold chandelier earrings with diamonds.
White Gold Chandelier Earrings with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds

For the ultimate touch of elegance, you need to have a pair of chandelier earrings. They stand out from the rest with the flowing gems which cascade from the earlobe all the way down.

Chandelier earrings are much more extravagant than other pairs of long earrings, evoking the feeling of luxurious castles and elegant mansions.

Feel like a queen with these white gold chandelier earrings. This impressive pair from the Unique collection surely honors it with a standout flowing design. They feature 20.32cts of dazzling marquise, pear and round shaped diamonds.

You definitely need to choose the right location to show them off, and no one will take their eyes from you.

Are you looking for more stunning pieces? Head out to our Jewelry section and dream away!

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