5 Types Of Diamond Rings You Must Own

Every woman should have a great jewelry collection that prepares her to shine on all occasions—and no part of a great collection is more important than the perfect diamond rings.

Rings can accompany you on any occasion, but choosing the right one for the right time can be a challenge. However, if you have the right styles you can never go wrong. Building the right collection is essential! 

Diamond rings can be broadly grouped into 5 styles. To have the most versatile jewelry collection, you should strive to represent each type. You can then be confident that you’ve got the perfect diamond for every outfit, occasion, or event.

Before learning these, find out which diamond ring is best for your finger shape!

Types of Diamond Rings You Must Own

1. Solitaire Ring

These classic rings focus on a single setting over a band. Though this typically means a single stone, there are creative exceptions—like this 18kt white gold square ring with diamonds from ZYDO Italy, which brings smaller diamonds of varied cuts together in a setting designed to create the illusion of a single, large stone.

The solitaire ring is one of the diamond rings you must own

Solitaire rings are classic and versatile—they’re the best all-around choice for gifts and for everyday wear, like adding an elegant touch to brunch with friends! 

2. Birthstone Ring

What’s your birthstone? Birthstone rings emphasize one of the 11 precious stones (plus pearls) that are associated with your birth month, and are believed to reflect the personality traits and natural gifts of those born under them.

Great birthstone rings incorporate settings that let their theme shine in creative ways, like this white and rose gold ring with fancy cut diamonds and a ruby from ZYDO Italy, into deeply personal and special gifts for any occasion. 

The birthstone ring is one of the diamond rings you must own

3. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are all about bold—they’re characterized by their high profile, with settings that rise higher off the finger than other rings and feature complex, multi-stone settings. They’re elegant, confident, and exciting—the perfect type for all evenings and events where high glamour is the order of the day.

A great example of this type is this white gold cocktail ring with diamonds from ZYDO. This stunning 18k white gold ring showcases 1.86cts of round diamonds arranged in a dazzling starburst pattern.

The cocktail ring is one of the diamond rings you must own

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect companion for a cocktail party!

4. Flexible Ring

Elegance and comfort come together to create these unique, sparkling, and flexible pieces. “Thoroughly modern” characterizes these rings that stretch to fit any woman’s finger shapes!

A great example of this type of ring is this white gold stretch ring with black and white diamonds from ZYDO’s Stretch collection.

The flexible ring is one of the diamond rings you must own

The stretching band makes this ring the perfect choice for an active occasion—anytime you’re out and want an elegant adventure!

5. Fashion Ring 

Fashion rings are those that don’t conform to other types: the most creative, distinctive, and unusual designs are fashion rings.

When you need to show how bold, unique, and unforgettable you are, your fashion rings are your best companions. Combine them with your most daring style and have all eyes on you!

For a perfect fashion ring to form the cornerstone of your collection, we introduce ZYDO’s 18kt white gold coil ring with 1.80cts of round diamonds

The fashion ring is one of the diamond rings you must own

Wear it however you want! 

Build a collection that represents each of these categories of rings, and you’ll be prepared to shine no matter what. 

Want to see more unique and breathtaking pieces? Visit ZYDO.com or go to our Youtube channel to see another side of our jewelry!

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