Unique jewelry gemstones you should buy

5 Unique Gemstones You Should Buy

For centuries, the world’s greatest gemstones have been the focal point of legends, myths, and mysteries—like the world’s 7 most famous diamonds. Each has been ascribed unique properties that allegedly influence human behavior. Whether you believe in the powers of stones beyond their beauty, gems feed the imagination—and have a magic all their own.

Although all gemstones have great value, 5 of them also stand out for their durability, beauty, and uniqueness: amethyst, emerald, black diamond, sapphire, and ruby. Learn about each one with us here!

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The Mystical Amethyst

When it comes to gemstone magic, amethysts rule. Today, the amethyst is often seen as a spiritual stone that protects its wearer and radiates feelings of peace.

The amethyst’s name comes from the Greek a-méthystos, meaning “not intoxicated”—the ancient Greeks believed that amethysts had powers to purify the liver, and would even create drinking goblets of amethyst in the belief they’d protect partygoers from getting drunk.

Amethyst’s unique purple color makes it stand alone among gems—it evokes royalty, sophistication, and mystery, and is beloved by wearers and craftsmen alike.

We can think of no better showcase for the magical amethyst than this white gold flower pendant with diamonds, blue sapphires, and amethysts from ZYDO’s Primavera collection.

Amethyst is a unique jewelry gemstone

The Captivating Emerald

If you love emeralds, you’ve got some impressive company—legendary figures such as Cleopatra, Aristotle, and Alexander the Great were renowned lovers of this powerful green stone. Emeralds are associated with the power of emotions—they’ve been attributed with powers to deepen passion, heighten intuition, and increase energy.

Emeralds are unique jewelry gemstones

Aesthetically, the bright warmth of emeralds make it an amazing complement to yellow gold and other bright stones, such as this magnificent yellow gold cocktail ring with diamonds, yellow sapphires, and emeralds from ZYDO.

The Intriguing Black Diamond

The dark and seductive black diamond owes its name to the graphite found in the crystalline structure of the diamond during its formation. Due to this graphite accent, black diamonds are opaque.

Rare and mysterious black diamonds are most often found in Brazil and Central Africa. Legends say black diamonds possess healing powers and grant spiritual protection.

Women from all over the world love its noir elegance. ZYDO’s white gold flexible ring with black and white diamonds bring dark and light together in unique harmony. There’s simply nothing like it.

Black diamond, a unique jewelry gemstone

The Extravagant Sapphire

Most people don’t know that sapphires can be found in a surprising range of hues, but they’re best known for a striking blue color.

Folklore has attributed a wide range of protective powers to this deep, rich stone—from eliminating negative thoughts, providing courage and hardening hearts, repelling poisons, and banishing witchcraft, sapphires are glittering armor for the soul.

Kings, queens, and princesses have used this gemstone as a symbol of protection and wealth—such as the sapphire that crowns the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana.

No doubt, wearing a sapphire will make you feel like royalty. ZYDO’s white gold drop earrings with diamonds and blue sapphires are worthy of a queen!

Sapphire a unique jewelry gemstone

The Exotic Ruby

Last but not least is the bright and mighty ruby. For centuries, this gemstone was even more prized than diamonds—a Chinese emperor once offered an entire city as payment for a single large ruby!

The ruby is often seen as a symbol of passion, protection, and prosperity—no wonder it’s one of the favorite gemstones of the British monarchy.

ZYDO craftsmen are also captivated by the color and beauty of this precious stone. These white gold huggie earrings with diamonds and cabochon rubies are some of their proudest work!

Ruby is a unique jewelry gemstone

Gemstones are precious treasures that enhance the qualities and virtues of every woman. The variety of colors and properties make them the perfect complement for any occasion. Choose the right jewel in the right setting from ZYDO’s collections, and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

Would you like to see what our gemstones look like on every ZYDO woman? Take a look:


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