6 Incredible Characteristics of Diamonds You’ll Love

In the classic film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe spoke the words that have resonated with diamond lovers ever since: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. The fascination with diamond jewelry has followed women through the ages—it’s one of history’s great love stories!

Women from all walks of life are looking for the most unique and extravagant jewelry they can find to express their unique beauty and commemorate their love. As you might expect, diamonds always win first place on the list of the most popular gemstones for that task.

This made us wonder: what really makes diamonds so coveted? What makes diamonds the most desired gemstones above all others?

As diamond experts, we can tell you that several characteristics make diamonds special, beyond their shine. Read on!

Before you do, we want to remind you of the jewelry mistakes you should avoid to wear all your diamond jewels properly in 2019!

Diamond characteristics you will definitely love

1. Diamonds are exclusive

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, and have specific properties that make each one unique: color, carat, cut, and clarity are the details you have to pay attention to when looking for valuable, high-quality diamonds.

When a diamond meets the highest standards within these parameters, its value increases considerably, making them the most desirable stones for unforgettable jewelry. For example, only the very best marquise and princess cut diamonds make this white gold flower ring with 1.57cts diamonds from ZYDO’s Mosaic Collection.

Diamond Ring Characteristics

See how the most exclusive, rare, and beautiful cuts make this ring exceptional!

2. High-quality diamonds are rare

Diamonds were first used in jewelry about 6,000 years ago in India. From that moment on they were used in ornate jewelry that embellished the dresses of the most varied and unforgettable characters!

While there are a lot of diamonds out there, they don’t all make the cut. About 20% of the stones found are considered suitable for making jewelry, and less than 1% are considered flawless (with no visible inclusions or blemishes at 10x magnification)! That’s what makes diamond jewelry like ZYDO’s rare and unique—A great example is definitely this white and rose gold cocktail ring.

Diamond Ring Characteristics

3. Diamonds are for everyone

Diamonds enhance EVERY woman’s style. One of their best characteristics is their versatility—there isn’t much that isn’t enhanced by the right diamond. The secret to this versatility is the wide variety of cuts—or shapes—diamonds come in.

Among the most popular cuts, you’ll find the round, emerald, fancy (marquise, heart, pear, etc), and princess shapes. This white gold flexible band ring with round and princess cut diamonds from ZYDO’s Luminal Collection showcases the incredibly variety of diamonds—and their stunning effect when they’re composed in harmony.

Diamond Ring Characteristics

A piece of jewelry designed to be worn by all eternal women!

4. Diamonds are strong

“Diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which means unbreakable! Diamonds are the hardest stones in nature, requiring special tools to modify them. Even polishing these precious stones requires the powder of other diamonds!

Strong stones suit strong women—and we can think of no better example of this match of strength and eternal elegance than this lovely yellow gold bypass ring.

Diamond Ring Characteristic

5. Diamonds are forever

The fascination with diamonds is millenia old—and so are all natural diamonds themselves! Natural diamonds are forged by nature with pressure and time over countless lifetimes—and the most famous of them have held the interest and fascination of enthusiasts for generations.

How could we forget the unbelievable blue Hope Diamond, said to have brought doom to Marie Antoinette, or the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, the centerpiece of the Indian court before conquest brought it into the British Crown Jewels?

Owning a diamond jewel means possessing a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation. A diamond ring like this yellow gold flexible cocktail ring with diamonds from ZYDO Italy is made to be a family heirloom to be passed from one elegant woman to the next, forever.

Diamond Ring Characteristics

6. Diamonds are unique

All the above characteristics make every diamond unique. Cut, carat, color, exclusivity, and durability make every piece of jewelry created with these gemstones truly special.

You just have to look at this white gold ring with 4.97cts of sparkling diamonds from ZYDO to understand that every diamond is special—and when you add the grace of the woman who wears it, these jewels take on a whole new level of beauty!

Diamond Ring Characteristics

Now you’re ready to choose the most stunning diamond jewelry. Consider the features that matter most to you, and go look at ZYDO’s Collections to pick some unforgettable and eternal pieces!

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