Tips for traveling with diamond jewelry

6 Tips For Traveling With Your Favorite Diamond Jewelry

Summer is on its way…the perfect time to plan a glamorous vacation to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Of course, you’ll be bringing your best outfits and accessories—including your very favorite jewelry—which means thinking carefully about packing!

Your jewelry CAN be one of your most trusted travel companions—but don’t take the activity of packing them lightly. ZYDO Italy has gathered 6 tips to travel safely with your favorite diamond jewelry. Follow these directions to the letter, and have all eyes on you this summer vacation!

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Make A List

When you pack your jewelry, remember the destination. You shouldn’t throw the entire contents of your jewelry box into your suitcase—plan your outfits, jewelry included, in advance so you can match every moment of your adventure.

Making a list with simple and versatile jewelry may be the best idea in these cases—although it never hurts to carry a statement piece with you that you can combine with other jewels. This white gold pendant with black and white diamonds is a perfect example of a jewel that gets attention and can be complemented with other small pieces.

List for traveling with diamond jewelry

Maintain Your Jewelry Care Habits

Going on vacation doesn’t mean giving up your jewelry care habits. Your most precious possessions must be safeguarded at all times!

This includes putting on your jewelry last, thus avoiding the damage caused by creams and perfumes. Also, always wipe your pieces after using them and before storing them, and make sure to check the state of your jewelry before leaving on a trip.

You’ll extend the life of your jewels even when you’re traveling—you don’t want a jewel like this beautiful white and yellow gold stretch bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO’s stretch collection to be ruined by lack of care, do you?

Jewelry care habits for traveling with jewelry

Pack Your Diamond Jewelry The Right Way

Always use a travel box or pouch made especially for your jewelry; made to keep it safe and unharmed.

When choosing a jewelry box, go for one with separate compartments to avoid gems rubbing against each other and causing scratches and cracks. Also, always select a container with soft compartments, or ones lined with a soft surface such as velvet or padding.

Believe us, jewels like this rose gold ring with round and emerald cut diamonds are worth every precaution when you pack.

Pack your jewelry for traveling with diamond jewelry

Carry Your Diamond Jewelry With You

Never, and we emphasize NEVER, leave your jewelry in your checked bag.

From the moment you leave home until you reach your destination, your suitcase will pass through too many hands. It is better to prevent any heartbreak and keep your diamonds in your carry-on luggage.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to jewelry like these white gold drop earrings with diamonds. They are too precious to leave their destination to luck!

Carry your diamonds with you when traveling with jewelry

Insure Your Precious Diamond Jewelry

No precaution is too much when it comes to your jewels. If you haven’t insured your collection, now is the time.

Make sure to pick a plan that specifically includes protection when traveling abroad, and remember to carry a copy of the plan’s documentation with you.

Obviously thinking about losing a jewel as precious as this yellow gold stretch ring with diamonds never feels good, but taking these measures will give you peace of mind as you set off on your adventures.

Insure your jewelry before traveling with diamond jewelry

Use The Safe To Keep Them Safe

Leaving your jewelry lying around is never the best idea, especially in a room that isn’t yours.

When traveling, remember that hotels often have safes where you can keep your valuables. When not wearing them, remember to store your jewelry in your safe to reduce the risk of losing your favorite diamond pieces.

Jewelry like this white gold bracelet with round and emerald cut diamonds deserves to be protected in the best way. Come home with all your best friends.

Use the safe when traveling with diamond jewelry

With these traveling tips, you’ll be ready to travel safely with your jewelry and look fabulous during your summer vacations!

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