Welcome to ZYDO’s official blog, where we discuss jewelry and everything relating to it.  The prestigious and world-renowned ZYDO jewelry brand was created in 1972 in Valenza, Italy by Mr. Davide Zybert thanks to his life-long flair and expertise in the diamond and jewelry business. In these 43 years ZYDO has continually produced iconic, stylish and unique jewelry exclusively in Italy.

The superior Italian craftsmanship coupled with a fashionable yet timeless design, make every ZYDO jewel a stylish treasure that enhances and completes a woman’s look, and a family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.

The ZYDO woman wears jewelry as a symbol of supreme style.  She is fashionable, empowered and sophisticated.  ZYDO’s celebrity clientele, Royal families, important individuals, and thousands of jewelry lovers around the world, embody the prestige and charming allure of ZYDO, as they proudly wear their ZYDO creations.

The ZYDO Collection is distributed in the best jewelry boutiques and department stores around the world and now for the first time and exclusively for the US market it is available in a state-of-the-art e-commerce website, http://shop.zydoamerica.com.

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