Earrings to Ease the Transition From Winter to Spring


Amethyst jewelry has played an important role throughout history and we are calling on it once again to tend to our needs. Best known for being the birthstone of February, this semi-precious stone has been a favorite among royals for centuries. The lovely violet hue and astrological association with protective properties have made it a timeless favorite among stylish women as well. Now we are calling on it once again to protect us from fashion flaws as we prepare for the winter to spring transition.

Here are three of our favorite Italian earrings – each with a royal touch of amethyst – that will keep your seasonal style ahead of the curve.

Gold earrings with diamonds and semiprecious stones are a great choice to blend seasonal looks. The key to a successful transition is a balanced approach to layering down from your winter wardrobe, while strategically bringing in elements from spring. True fashionistas see the transitional period as an opportunity to get creative with their existing wardrobes AND gradually introduce new pieces fit for warmer weather.

gold earrings with diamonds and semiprecious stones by ZYDO Italian JewelryFor example, these exciting 18kt white gold earrings showcase 13.36cts of custom cut semiprecious stones, including amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, and citrine, surrounded by 2.63cts of sparkling diamonds. They provide the highly anticipated splashes of color that we associate with Nature’s return in spring. At the same time, the violet amethysts give the handmade earrings an elegant allure that blends well with winter colors making them the perfect accessory for mixing and matching.

Gold earrings with diamonds and amethyst by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

If you prefer the charming allure of rose gold, amethysts, and diamonds for your skin tone, then these stylish 18kt rose gold earrings ought to do the trick. They feature deep drop shaped amethysts weighing 25.77cts, accentuated by 1.05cts of sparkling diamonds. The elegant, handcrafted design will complement large winter coats just as well as a light jacket layered over a sundress.

Plus, you are going to feel amazing knowing that your luxurious earrings were made by hand in the heart of Italy… Style points, you!

Of course, our spring-powered transitional selection would not be complete without a piece from our collection inspired by the season itself. Here we have a pair of gold butterfly earrings with diamonds and sapphires from Primavera. This colorful, energetic, and explosive collection has been inspired by spring’s magical time of year when Nature is blooming. ZYDO’s Italian jewelry designers have created this wonderful tribute to spring’s splendor with beautiful colors that bloom together in jewels featuring multicolored sapphires, diamonds, and amethysts.

gold butterfly earrings with diamonds and sapphires by ZYDO Italian JewelryThese lovely 18kt white gold earrings feature 0.70cts of dazzling diamonds, 1.04cts of elegant blue and pink sapphires, and 0.26cts of vibrant amethysts in a stylish butterfly design. What better way to welcome back the warm season than with adorable Italian earrings inspired by Nature’s triumphant return?


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P.S. If you would like to learn more about the history of amethysts you can read, What’s In A Name? The Story of Amethyst Fine Jewelry.

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