New collection showcased at JCK LUXURY 2016



May 31st, 2016. JCK LUXURY began as an invitation only exclusive preview, welcoming a series of qualified buyers at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. ZYDO was one of the select luxury brands to exhibit. This year, the prestigious jewelry trade show expanded to welcome 9% more buyers and 3% more industry professionals than past years. The two grand ballrooms dedicated to JCK LUXURY were jam-packed with exciting highlights such as exclusive keynotes, amenities and celebrations! All this in only three days!


In addition to the excitement of being at the show, we were overjoyed to give a special preview of our new collection at the exhibit.  The new collection is a reflection of months of hard work and the spirit of summer romance. Here is a sneak peek at what we unveiled:


Studded in Diamonds


This intricate set features a series of high quality pear shaped diamonds to make a unique edgy yet floral look for a night out on the town.


Sapphire City

What stands out the most in our new collection pieces is our emphasis on pops of bold bright colors. Nothing showcases that better than these stunning sapphire and diamond rings.


Emerald Island


These dashing emerald ring sets follow with the theme of using bright pops of color and big bold sizes in our new collection.


Canary Yellow


There’s really nothing quite like fancy yellow diamonds and we couldn’t resist not having them in our new collection. These floral earring sets are truly one of a kind, and that ring, we have no words for it!


Diamond Decker


This set continues with the theme of summer romance with hints of floral and heart patterns in each piece. The diamond drop earrings are out of this world. This is the type of jewelry that makes an entrance before you do.


Bedazzled Bracelets


These diamond stretch bracelets are the perfect way to add a little bling to your wrist. Or a lot, depending on what look you’re going for! We love the colorful stone options that could match virtually any outfit.


Tanzanite Tear Drops


Although they may look like sapphires, the drop earrings on the left are actually a combination of tanzanite and diamonds. The design here is very regal and classic and would make any woman light up with confidence.

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