Avoid These Seven Big Mistakes When Buying a Diamond

The allure of buying a diamond is almost impossible to resist.

Whether we’re looking at a store or scrolling through a web catalog, it’s tempting to throw caution to the wind and buy the prettiest gem on sale. After all, the saying “the heart wants what it wants” can also apply to jewelry.

But, here’s the thing.

Following through with that purchase can end up becoming an expensive mistake, which might take the sparkle away from those new pairs of earrings or that big rock on your finger (in some cases, this can be literal!).

Avoiding questionable stores is a smart first step to prevent this, but shopping mishaps can happen anywhere. Sometimes, no matter how badly our heart wants a shiny-looking diamond, we need our head to take charge (and hold tightly onto that credit card) and look for better options elsewhere.

You deserve to have the best experience while purchasing any piece from ZYDO. So, today we’re going to show you seven big mistakes you have to avoid when you’re buying a diamond gem piece. For us, a smart shopper is a happy and more glamorous one, so be sure to keep your eyes open when buying the newest addition to your shiny collection.

Are you ready to purge these missteps? Keep reading.

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Buying the first gem at the first store

This first mistake has happened to all of us when buying almost anything. But it can be quite painful when it comes to something with a big price tag.

There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with the first pair of earrings or the first pendant a vendor shows you. Maybe that gem is the perfect one you’re looking for.

However, by purchasing it immediately, you’re shooting down the possibility of finding an option that’s better suited to your style or the specific event you’re attending. Maybe, there’s an even better deal on that same emerald-cut ring in another place, or the other store has the earrings you love in rose gold.

Speaking of rose gold, if you’re looking for a statement jewelry piece for the upcoming holiday season, these alluring earrings are worth the wait.


Made from 18kt rose gold, these earrings feature 0.46cts of round diamonds, surrounded by 27.06cts of yellow and orange sapphires in various shapes. This pair is ready to take by storm every holiday party you attend this year.

You don’t have to go to the end of the universe to find the gem you want. Just, make sure to visit several shops before making a decision, even if your heart is already set on the first gem you saw.

Falling for a bargain that’s too good to be true

Let’s be honest: a diamond that’s worthy of your attention will have a significant price tag. Most of us expect that when purchasing diamond jewelry, but we’ll talk a little more about this further down this post.

So, when you’re browsing online and find a big rock (claiming to be a diamond) on sale for under four figures, your scam detector should nag at you until you close the browser. Chances are: they’re not selling actual diamonds but similar-looking gemstones like zirconia and moissanite or, worse, they are selling diamonds obtained under questionable circumstances.

When it comes to buying jewelry, you’ll get your money’s worth for the purchase. A $10.000 diamond ring will feel and last like one, which is not the same as a $100 “diamond” ring.

Obsessing over a Diamond price tag

Staying on the subject of money, there’s another thing you need to be careful about, mainly when you’re thinking about purchasing a gift.

Many buyers, when faced with the need to buy a diamond, end up obsessed with a specific price range. They feel that, if the jewelry piece doesn’t cost as much as they imagined, then it’s not worth buying it, even if it’s a stunner.

Unfortunately, the place where we see this the most is with engagement rings. Something that’s supposed to represent a symbol of love between partners ends up being a competition where the higher the price tag, the higher the commitment. Not at all.

Having a sensible budget is wise, going crazy to buy something you can’t afford isn’t.

Even if your cash flow is infinite, be sure to buy the gem piece you like without obsessing about what others will think about the price. If it ends up costing less, you have more money for a spectacular honeymoon, right?

Bad Engagement Ring-Wedding Band match

Our fourth mistake is also related to love and marriage.

If you’re getting hitched soon, you may not need yet another thing on your to-do list. But hear us out.

A mismatched engagement ring and wedding band looks terrible and takes away the shine of both pieces. it is important that you and your partner consider this when purchasing your wedding bands. They should match your engagement ring if you want to be able to wear both pieces simultaneously.

Still, if your dream wedding band does not fit the engagement ring, remember you can always wear each ring separately on both ring fingers.

Many diamonds are never enough, and if your engagement is just around the corner, this white gold ring is The One for you.


This elegant 18kt white gold ring features 0.80cts of round diamonds, some of them in an adorable illusion setting. It’ll look amazing next to the right band, as a symbol of eternal love.

Picking the wrong Diamond size

It happens to the best of us: you fall in love with a dress or a pair of Louboutins and decide that you must have them. You try them on, but they don’t fit you well. You ignore your gut and buy them, but let them gather dust in the closet, or worse, you wear them and end up feeling extremely uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

Some say that we must suffer for fashion, but we ultimately disagree with it.

The right fit is a must when it comes to jewelry. If you’ve ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger, scrambling through Google for a fail-proof recipe to get it out, you know this to be true. If you’ve ever lost a beloved bracelet, because it slipped through your wrist at the wrong time, you see it too.

There are ways around this mistake: a good jeweler can shorten a bracelet or necklace that’s too long for your frame, or change the size of a ring.

Not asking for a warranty

The sixth mistake can be costly if things go wrong.

Don’t forget to do your research on jewelry warranty, before pulling out your credit card. It may be annoying to read through it, especially if you resent having a drawer full of old electronics’ warranty documents you never used.

But, here’s the thing: you should reframe your thinking around warranties. They exist to protect both the customer and the company, in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with your product.

Most warranties protect your investment by offering to repair a gem piece with manufacturing defects. Make sure to thoroughly read it before agreeing to purchase, in case any hidden fees or conditions could end up not benefiting you.

If your seller doesn’t offer a good warranty, run fast and far, no matter how badly you want that gem.

Not being true to your Diamond style

This final mistake is the worst of all. Why?

Because even if you shop at the right stores, choose a reputable jewelry seller, pick the right size gem and stay within budget, if you’re not picking a jewelry piece that speaks to your style, something’s very wrong.

A ZYDO woman stays true to her image and her identity. If she’s all about minimalism, you’ll never see her boasting five gems in a single ring. If she likes to show off, a dainty ring will mute her natural flamboyance.

Keep an eye open for trends but, in the end, remember to stay faithful to what makes you unique, because therein lies your real beauty. You’ll always find the right piece for your outfit and wear it with pride. That’s what will keep all eyes on you.

Dulling your shine for something you don’t love is the biggest jewelry mistake of all time. Trust us.


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