Barbara Taylor Bradford Reveals Love Affair with Jewelry

Taylor Bradford JewellsBarbara Taylor Bradford is known worldwide for her novels.  She is reported to have sold over 88 million books and many of them have been made into movies or TV series.  Her first novel, A Woman of Substance, ranks among the top ten bestselling fiction books of all time with more that 32 million copies sold.  She is now giving us a peak of her lifelong love affair with her husband, Robert Bradford, and with the beautiful and unique jewels that have shaped every memorable moment of their love story.

Mrs. Taylor Bradford has decided to sell at auction 40 unique jewels that her husband gifted her during their 49-years marriage.  The proceeds of the auction are going to form a little nest egg for two family members.  Interestingly, following the news of the coming auction the author has given us an intimate and extremely romantic account of the beautiful personal stories that characterize those pieces of jewelry.  The UK Daily Mail published the account in an article penned by Mrs. Taylor Bradford herself (click on this link).  The article features also more images of the stunning jewelry on sale.

The stories in the article paint the warm portrait of a happy marriage whose special occasions were always celebrated with jewelry.  And her jewels are now mementos of all those happy moments.

“When I look at those things and when I was going back in time, because we are coving the 80s and the 90s, a lot of the memories of how he gave the piece to me sprang in to my mind.”

‘I was very amused and very happy because I remember once for instance we were in vacation in Capri and I was reading on the terrace after breakfast and he said: “I’m just going for a walk to buy a newspaper.” A little while later he returned with a large shopping bag full of newspapers.  And then he suddenly reached into the shopping bag and said: “I’ve bought you some flowers”.  Flowers indeed!  Sapphire, multi-colored flowers in a necklace.  He does things like that all the time.’

Barbara Taylor Bradford Necklace

The jewelry is also a testament of the love that the couple shared and that characterized their lives.  More importantly those strong feelings are transposed in the jewelry, which becomes much more than just a beautiful and valuable object, but also the repository of great emotions.

Every sparkle tells a story.  Every clasp has been opened and closed with love.  Every piece of metal has been warmed against my skin by a flush of delight.  Viewing my jewelry collection, gathered over 50 years of my long and happy marriage to my beloved husband, I see more than simply an array of beautiful baubles.”

“Bob always says he doesn’t need an occasion to give me a piece of jewelry, only a reason.  My collection spans the whole story of our marriage.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and book completions.  Each time, Bob delights in finding something unusual and meaningful.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford Set



Mrs. Taylor Bradford also writes about jewelry’s ability to elevate and improve any outfit: “As a struggling trainee journalist, it didn’t matter if I couldn’t afford  expensive clothes, my pearls gave me glamour.”  She also relates the stories behind every single one of the pieces of jewelry scheduled to be auctioned, as if they happened just yesterday, as if the jewelry sealed and preserved those memories.

Barbara Taylor Bradford Bracelet

The exquisite jewelry collection is scheduled to go under the gavel at Bonhams New Bond Street headquarters in London on Thursday 5th December 2013.

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