Beautiful Wedding Guest Jewelry Ideas You’ll Love

Time to wrap up our 2017 wedding jewelry season series with a post dedicated to, you guessed it, wedding guest jewelry.

Maybe you haven’t met your own Mr. Right yet, or maybe you already snagged yours years ago. If your summer schedule is full of weddings, you still need to look your best as a witness of your loved one’s commitment… without upstaging the bride, because that’s a huge no-no in our book.

So, instead, we’ll help you become the best-dressed guest of the party, only second in shine to the blushing bride. Who knows, it could help you find your own Prince Charming at the reception… or make the one you already have fall in love with you all over again.

No matter what type of party you’re attending, this selection of wedding guest jewelry will make you look amazing under any circumstance, champagne flute in hand.

Are you in? Keep on reading!

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Dazzling Rings

First things first, we need to take care of your beautiful hands.

Even though you’re not being publically presented with a gorgeous wedding band, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have a pretty ring of your own.

With that in mind, today we bring you three wonderful options that can turn even the simplest of outfits into something truly amazing.

Let’s start with this rose gold coil ring.

A Rose and White Gold Flower Coil Ring with Diamonds from ZYDO

Going to a daytime wedding? This ring is perfect for the occasion, with its understated sparkle, that won’t compete with the bride or the sun.

Made from 18kt rose and white gold, the ring showcases 0.77cts of sparkling pear and round diamonds. In the center, the pear cut gems are arranged as a flower, great to prolong the feeling of Spring for a few days.

This second ring is for those of you who love a big rock, but aren’t ready to settle down and get the big rock from their love. If this sounds like you, then get ready to shine.

A Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring with Diamonds and Lemon Quartz from ZYDO

Part of the Dome collection, the protagonist of this stunning cocktail ring is a beautiful custom cut lemon quartz, which weighs 28.32cts. It’s surrounded by 1.66cts of sparkling round diamonds and set under a handcrafted yellow gold band.

You just can’t be shy if you’re going to wear this ring.

If you want to wear color, but would rather wear something a little less flashy, you need to have this multi toned ring.

A White and Rose Gold Ring with Diamonds and Orange Sapphires from ZYDO

What makes this ring stand out is the color play taking place between the 18kt white and rose gold, and the gems themselves. The 3.06cts of orange sapphires have different sizes and shades of orange, almost emulating the golden hour of sunset. Between rows of orange, you can see 0.42cts of round diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle.

Are you looking to enhance your gorgeous face with some shine? Keep reading, and you’ll find something you’ll love as much as the bride loves the groom.

Amazing Face-framing Earrings

Thinking about keeping your look simple, gem-wise? In that case, earrings are the way to go. They’re the wedding guest jewelry piece you cannot skimp on.

Because, even though all eyes will be on the bride, that doesn’t mean that you cannot amaze other guests with your beautiful looks.

For these picks, make sure to keep your hair out of your face, maybe in a flawless bun, a bullet-proof updo or a playful ponytail. We bet that even the bride will be dazzled by your choice of earrings.

First up, let’s start with a touch of color.

The concept of “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” is a well-established custom in the world of weddings. But, who said that the bride is the only one who gets to take advantage of it?

If you’re attending a destination wedding, by the beach, and want to bring the feeling of blue water and almost white sand to your outfit (without taking a dip), these white gold drop earrings are right for you.

A pair of white gold drop earrings with diamonds and sapphires from ZYDO

These stunning 18kt white gold drop earrings feature 21.16cts of blue sapphires, which are surrounded by 0.42cts of round diamonds in an elegant design. Keep the rest of your look effortless and let these earrings do the talking for you.

If you’re going to a local wedding, but want to level up your look with more diamonds, how about showing off a pair of gorgeous drop earrings?

A pair of White Gold Drop Earrings with Diamonds from ZYDO

These earrings are made from 18kt white gold, but the real star are the diamonds (as always!). They showcase a 3.06cts combination of round and pear shaped diamonds; some of them arranged as a simple, but amazing flower shape.

You’ll be able to wear this pair for years and years of wedding seasons, proving that classic doesn’t have to be boring and stuffy.

Are you looking for something with more oomph?

Our final pick for wedding guest jewelry is another interpretation of the drop earrings look, but fit for a Royal affair. It doesn’t matter if the reception is taking place at a Michelin star restaurant or at the Plaza, you’ll look like you waltzed in from the most amazing aristocrat party in town.

A pair of White Gold Drop Earrings with Diamonds from ZYDO

Exquisite is the right adjective for these white gold drop earrings. They showcase 2.41cts of round and emerald cut diamonds, placed in an illusion setting to create the look of much larger stones. With the right dress and the right dose of confidence, this pair will propel you to the top of the best dressed list of any wedding you attend this summer.

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