The Best Colors from Pantone’s 2016 Fall Trends


Pantone is the worldwide authority on color, and it’s revered by artists of all crafts: from architects to fashion designers, from stylists to painters. They all look forward to Pantone’s choices of colors for each season -and even for the year- to integrate it into their trendy creations. This fall, ten colors made the cut. Some are well established tones from the Pantone family, and some are marvelous new additions.

All of these amazing tones are easy to match and will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe; whether on a glamorous sweater or on a stunning dress for a special occasion. If you can find your favorite shade in a jewelry piece, it will make a timeless statement that will live on for generations and boost your glamour in any season.

Add some color and sparkle to your fall with our favorite colors from this season.

Dream of a Cool Fall Evening with Riverside

Gold ring with diamonds and emerald cut blue sapphires

This strong blue reminds us of the way the sky looks after the sun has set while camping on a fall evening. It’s a sophisticated tone, business-ready, but also calming.  This ring from our Blooming collection features 3.23cts of emerald cut blue sapphires, set in 18kt white gold. It’s a perfect piece for both day-wear and executive occasions.

Bring Back the Magic of Jumping over Fall Leaves with Aurora Red and Spicy Mustard

White and yellow gold ring with red opal and orange sapphires

This stunning piece from the Opal collection combines two beautiful gems set in a white and yellow gold ring. The orange sapphires remind us of the Spicy Mustard tone, a vibrant tone that reflects energy and the unexpected. In the center, a red opal catches all eyes, weighing 8.33cts. These two tones together bring us back to simpler times, when watching leaves fall gave us an amazing multi-color spectacle.

A Luxurious Choice for a Special Occasion

Yellow gold ring with diamonds, yellow sapphires, and emeralds

Fall season brings richer, deeper greens to the spotlight, and Lush Meadow isn’t the exception. This shade delivers elegance and sophistication to any fall evening outfit. Turn a special night into an amazing night, with this ring from our Century collection. The 1.73cts cabochon emeralds evoke this gorgeous color, holding their shine while surrounded by the 6.06cts yellow sapphires.

Bring Out Your Confidence with a Bodacious Shade

Gold ring with diamonds and emerald cut pink sapphires

We end our selection with another new Pantone color. This sultry tone mixes the richness of purple with the sophisticated femininity of pink, and it’s a surprising choice for the fall season. Stand out from the earthy toned crowd with this stunning ring from our Blooming collection. The protagonists are the 3.04cts of emerald cut pink sapphires which, under the glow of fall nights, seem to reflect hints of purple. They are joined by 0.21cts of round diamonds, set in an 18kt white gold ring.
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