ZYDO diamond rings for your finger shape

The Best Diamond Rings for Your Fingers

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to take your best outfits out for a spin—from shoes to clothes to accessories, time in the sun means all eyes on you!

Amazing diamond rings compliment any outfit—but what about any hand? While it’s true diamonds enhance the beauty of every woman, diamonds—like hands—come in all shapes and styles.

Every hand is unique, and matching the perfect diamond ring to your fingers is an art—that’s why we’re here to help! 

Don’t forget to consider the ring that best fits your fingernail shape, too!

The Best Rings For Long Fingers

If you’re blessed with long, graceful fingers, congratulations! You have the ideal finger shape for all kinds of rings. Your personal taste and style will be the deciding factor—wear the diamonds you love best!

However, true diamond aficionadas with long fingers make the classic choice—large, prominent stones that are enhanced by the wearer’s grace, like this white gold flexible cocktail ring with 2,64 cts diamonds by ZYDO Italy.

ZYDO diamond ring for long fingers

Definitely the mix of glamour and elegance needed to show off those long fingers.

The Right Diamond Ring For Slim Fingers

Women with thin fingers have a challenge: not to let their rings overshadow the elegance of their hands. 

Choose smaller stones and thicker bands—these will accentuate, not overshadow, your natural dimensions. This white gold ring with fancy cut diamonds from ZYDO’s Luminal collection is an excellent choice for a thin-fingered wearer to shine. Glittering and energetic—perfect for an exotic getaway!

ZYDO diamond ring for slim fingers

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The Best Diamond Shapes For Wide Fingers

Broad fingers benefit from wide, prominent stones, especially those with marquise, oval and emerald cuts. Round gemstones with medium or thin bands also flatter this shape best. 

This white gold octagonal ring with round and emerald cut diamonds contours wide-fingered hands elegantly. It’s a stunning piece with groups of smaller stones that add shine and volume.

ZYDO diamond ring for wide fingers

The Right Ring For Petite Fingers 

If you have small hands, look for ring settings that make your fingers look longer: small diamonds with oval, round or pear cuts are ideal for giving your fingers a more tapered, proportioned look. The important thing is to choose smaller pieces that don’t swallow your fingers: this delicate white gold round ring with diamonds mixes larger and smaller stones in a circular setting that elongates and highlights the finger.

ZYDO diamond ring for petit fingers

The best accessory for your fingers, regardless of their shape, is your own style and taste. Be yourself. Be bold, be strong, be you! 

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