The Best Rings for Your Nail Shape

We, at ZYDO, love beautiful rings. Showing off a pretty rock or two in our hands makes our hearts sing and our outfit look unforgettable. However, we all know that a ring alone cannot stand out on its own; it needs a little help from the wearer.

Now, what’s the best company to a pretty ring?

A well-manicured hand, of course! We’re lucky to live in a golden era for nail creativity. We’re no longer constrained by the traditional French mani, but if you want to keep wearing it, more power to you!

Today, we have more options than ever to keep our nails looking amazing. You can choose to go natural or to pick from the infinite array of nail colors available, or try out some astonishing nail art, or even help Mother Nature with some well put acrylics.

Whether you decide to keep your nails short and sweet, or rather embrace a daring, extra long look, there’s a ring out there that is the perfect match for your style. The trick is to know how to play with your nails’ shape and choose the type of rock that will complement it.

So, with that in mind, today we have for you the best ring choice for any nail shape you’re rocking right now. Get your eyes, and hands ready, for this feast of shine.

First, don’t forget to give your gems the same love you give to your hands. Learn how to do it with our top tips for jewelry care.

Round Nails

We begin this list with the most traditional look of the bunch.

A cute round look on your nails will always fit right into any occasion and it gives the hands a dainty, ladylike presence.

To complement this sweet look, keep this in mind: when it comes to nails and jewelry, it is a game of contrasts. A diamond with the same, curvy cut won’t stand out as well in round nails.

Instead, go for a more angular diamond cut, such as a solitaire or emerald cut. For example, take a look at this lovely emerald cut diamond ring.

A white gold ring with diamonds from ZYDO

You have a mosaic of diamonds in this ring, which features 0.34cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. They have been placed in an illusion setting to create the look of a much larger stone. Placed over a 18kt white gold ring, it’s a sweet ring ready for daytime wear. It can also be a charming choice for an engagement ring.

Square Nails

After a few seasons as the #1 choice for trendsetters, it seems like this nail shape is taking a backseat for 2017/2018. But we believe that this modern classic will come back soon in style. We all know that fashion is cyclical, after all.

If you choose to break the rules and keep your nails square, remember the rule we spoke about previously. Strong cuts can make the overall look too harsh, so instead go for a round diamond cut, to soften your features.

This doesn’t mean that a round diamond can’t have a little bit of edge. Take a look at this white gold diamond ring, for example.

A white gold ring with round diamonds from ZYDO

Made from 18kt white gold, this ring features 0.53cts of round diamonds, placed in a unique rosette grouping. It’s the setting that makes it stand out for other, more traditional looking diamond rings.

Short Nails

This third type is dedicated to those of you who like to keep things simple in the nail department.

Whether you’re a recovering nail bitter (no shame, keep up the good work!), or prefer a length that’s easier for you to work with, short nails are fantastic. Even though they’re really easy to maintain, they also leave space for creativity and showcasing daring colors.

If this is your style of choice, consider going for an emerald-cut diamond that’s a little busier than the first ring we showed you. You can’t go wrong with an extra dose of shine.

A rose gold ring with diamonds from ZYDO

Made from 18kt rose gold, this sweet ring showcases 0.39cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Besides the center stage gem, in which the diamonds are placed in an illusion setting, the band is also boasting some shine of its own, by surrounding the big rock with groupings of round diamonds.

Stiletto Nails

If you want to make a statement with your nails, then the stiletto style is the way to go.

Whether you pick this sharp nail shape for your next manicure or any of its blunt tipped cousins (known as coffin or ballerina nails), this style is the most daring of our list, and it begs for a remarkable ring.

A dainty gem won’t cut it for these nails, so instead go for an unforgettable cocktail ring such as this one.

A rose gold diamond ring with sapphires from ZYDO

Part of the Blooming collection, this ring will give you Spring vibes that will keep you smiling in the cooler days of winter. It showcases 4.33cts of emerald-cut orange sapphires, along with 1.29cts of sparkling round diamonds. Who needs a short-lived bouquet when you can wear this piece for years and years?

Almond Nails

Let’s end this roundup with a more subdued take on the previous look: the almond nails.

If you love long nails, but feel like the stiletto or coffin looks are too much for you, this is a softer alternative that’s ready for the workplace. However, just like the previous type, you need to match these nails with an audacious ring that will have you seeing double, like this one.

A white gold ring with round and emerald cut diamonds from ZYDO

Why should you settle for one rock, when you deserve to have two? This stunning 18kt white gold ring showcases 1.37cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Some of them are placed in an illusion setting to create the look of much larger stones. Its unique build will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

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