Topaz Means more to Fine Jewelry Than November


Stylish women and Italian fine jewelry designers have been keen on topaz for ages. The beautiful gemstone features a few special physical properties that make it an excellent addition to rings, necklaces and earrings alike. Its history also includes a favorable collection of mystical beliefs. Let’s take a quick look at what makes the luxurious birthstone of November such a wonderful jewel; then we’ll be ready to see a few handmade diamond rings featuring custom cuts of blue and golden topaz.

Topaz is found in a variety of colors, but its purest form is clear. Fine jewelry designers appreciate the mineral for its range of color options, as well as the stone’s hardness and light-diffracting prismatic crystals. Together these properties provide the perfect medium to cut breathtaking jewels that can be crafted into stunning pieces of jewelry.

Besides it’s prominence as a luxurious Italian style booster, Topaz was known for much more. For example, the jewel was believed to have a cooling effect in ancient mysticism. According to the Gemological Institute of America, it was also believed that wearing Topaz jewelry could relieve sadness, anger and nocturnal fears. Topaz has also been said to induce handsomeness in men and happiness in women.

We are currently looking into these potential effects. So far, the women do seem happier when they are adorned with fabulous fine jewelry and lots of topaz. However, we are slightly concerned about the men’s handsomeness not improving. Stand by for more details. Until then, here are a few fantastic handmade rings that should at least put a smile on your face.

a luxury white gold ring with diamonds and blue topaz by ZYDO italian jewelryI love this handcrafted gold ring with diamonds and semi-precious gems. The 18kt white gold ring by ZYDO Italian Jewelry showcases custom cut pink opal, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot and citrine, weighing 3.18cts. The beautifully cut colored gemstones are accentuated by 1.29cts of sparkling diamonds. It’s also available in yellow and rose gold.

Want to really make this ring special? Custom-order it with your preferred combination of colored gemstones!

Custom Italian Topaz Ring With Diamonds and orange sapphires by ZYDO JewelersThis handmade gold ring with diamonds and topaz may or may not reduce nocturnal fears, but it certainly will help your outfit steal the show. The unique design of this 18kt white gold ring features a subtle custom cut golden topaz weighing 21.73cts. It’s surrounded by a charming 1.67cts of sparkling diamonds and an accentuating 0.48cts of vibrant orange sapphires.

Did you know this ring is currently available online to Italian jewelry lovers in the United States? It’s even marked down from $5,800 to $4,060 for a limited time!

white gold ring with large blue topaz gemstone by ZYDO Italian JewelryBlue topaz is the state gem of Texas and we can see why. For example, this notable 18kt white gold ring showcases an impressive custom cut blue topaz weighing 74.15cts, which demands attention. When surrounded by 0.48cts of dazzling round diamonds, it becomes a captivating fashion accessory that any state should be proud to claim!

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