Black and White: The Timeless Trend in Fashion and Jewelry

In the last couple of years fashion designers and the larger public have strongly embraced and rediscovered the ever-chic black and white color combination.  Frankly, there are not any other color schemes that are as elegant and yet as straightforward.

Celebrities have adopted the trend, realizing how versatile and easy to wear black and white can be.  The look and color combination can effortlessly work in a business setting, as well as in a casual and social setting.  And of course, nothing is as elegant as a black and white gown for those special events.


This year’s award season presented yet another example of the timeless and universal appeal of the black and white color combination in fashion.  The same stunning look can be achieved in jewelry when matching dazzling white diamonds and stylish black diamonds.

ZYDO Italian Jewelry Glam Noir Collection

ZYDO Italian Jewelry Glam Noir Collection

Striking black and white jewelry is as versatile as any black and white outfit, proving useful and exquisite during work related activities as well as social events.

Start your own black and white collection at ZYDO Italian Jewelry Online Shop.  ZYDO’s Glam Noir Collection offers a variety of exclusive jewels, ranging from breath-taking earrings to remarkable rings.

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