5 Pieces Inspired by Oscar Best Actress Nominees

We continue our series on Awards Season with the most coveted prize of all: the Oscars. Nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced this week and it seems there are few surprises. In less than a month, the big Hollywood night will take place and all eyes will be on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the talented ladies nominated for Best Actress with these five stunning pieces inspired by their Oscar-nominated roles:

Isabelle Huppert as Michèle Leblanc in Elle

gold earrings diamonds zydo jewelry made in Italy
Gold earrings with diamonds

Revenge is best served with a side dish of French glamour. The enticing performance of Huppert as a woman plotting her vengeance after being attacked has fascinated critics both in the independent and mainstream circles.

Take Michele’s trademark earrings to the next level with this pair from the Classic Chic collection. These stunning 18kt white gold earrings feature 1.70cts of sparkling round diamonds in a classic and elegant design. You can also have them in yellow gold, just like her, or in rose gold, for a delicate touch.

Ruth Negga as Mildred Loving in Loving

Gold earrings with diamonds
Gold earrings with diamonds

True, love can have the power to change the course of history, and the beautiful story of Richard and Mildred Loving is proof of that. Their efforts for the recognition of interracial marriages in the U.S. were beautifully portrayed in the film, to the point of receiving standing ovations in several screenings.

Even though the Lovings were a modest couple, we celebrate their impact in history and in love with a timeless classic: diamond earrings. This pair from the Mosaic collection features 0.92cts of sparkling round diamonds, in a luxurious setting.

Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in Jackie

Gold necklace with round and fancy cut diamonds
Gold necklace with round and fancy cut diamonds

Last week, we celebrated Jackie Kennedy as the first iconic First Lady, whose style and poise are recognized even today. The film by Pablo Larrain is just another example of this cult to the classic First Lady.

Want to embody Jackie at your next big night out? Try this dazzling necklace from the Mosaic collection. This gorgeous 18kt white gold piece features 4.56cts of dazzling fancy cut diamonds illusion set and sparkling round diamonds. Mixing luxury and classic styles, you’ll want to wear it all year long.

Emma Stone as Mia in La La Land

Stretch Rose Gold Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies
Stretch Rose Gold Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies

La La Land has been the darling of this awards season, and when you watch it on the big screen it’s very clear why. The amazing visuals, catchy tunes and great performances have stolen critics’ and viewers’ hearts alike since its premiere last December.

For all those singing and dancing sequences, one must wear comfortable but exquisite pieces, such as this stretch rose gold bracelet. This piece features 12.22cts of beautiful rubies, accentuated by 0.78cts of round diamonds around an 18kt rose gold bracelet. It’s easy to slip on, and the pieces will stay in place throughout your dreamy dance scene with the Ryan Gosling in your life.

Meryl Streep as Florence in Florence Foster Jenkins

Gold ring with diamonds and pear shape orange sapphires
Gold ring with diamonds and pear shape orange sapphires

Let’s be honest, what is an awards season without Meryl Streep? She has been nominated twenty times for an Academy Award, and won three statuettes, the last one in 2012. Is 2017 the year of her fourth?

The charming story of Florence Foster Jenkins combines the classic glamour of the Forties with a message of following your dreams, no matter what. To do it with style, check out this ring from the Century collection. This 18kt rose gold ring features 12.60 pear shaped orange sapphires, accentuated by 2.97cts of round diamonds. Even if you don’t sing while wearing it, you’ll remain the center of attention.

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