Celebrate Your Love With This Selection of Engagement Jewelry

A new, beautiful month has begun, and many of us are getting ready for wedding season 2017. Brides around the country are putting the final touches on their special days, while other women have just received the engagement ring of their dreams.

If you’re part of the second group, you’re in luck, because this article is definitely for you.

Maybe you are newly engaged, starting to plan your wedding, and are a little overwhelmed by all of the events that will take place in the coming months, in anticipation of The Big Day.

Who said, after all, that you only get to have a single day to celebrate having found the love of your life?

Also, who said that the only engagement jewelry you get to have is your ring?

Keeping that in mind, in this article you’ll find our jewelry picks and recommendations for three of these events.  No matter if you’re all about the classics or prefer to follow the latest trends, we have something for everyone’s taste.

Sounds great? Then, get ready to be mesmerized.

If you’re looking to get engaged soon, but haven’t picked your ring yet, check out our stunning selection for every type of bride.

The Engagement Party

First of all, congratulations on your engagement!

After sending lots of joyful messages to friends and family announcing the big news, it’s time to celebrate with them. The first of many celebrations of you and your partner’s love needs to be amazing, including an awesome guest list, a gorgeous venue, and lots of champagne for toasts.

(No pressure)

Whether you’re hosting a fancy event or a traditional family lunch, one thing’s for sure: all eyes will be on your ring, so you should avoid upstaging it with extravagant gems around the hands.

Instead, for your engagement jewelry, choose to play up a necklace or a cute pair of earrings.

Shiny Earrings

A pair of White gold stud earrings with round diamonds from ZYDO

If your engagement party is at lunchtime, or it’s an informal affair, choose a smaller pair of earrings which won’t upstage your future bride smile.

For those occasions, take a look at these white gold stud earrings.

These stunning 18kt white gold stud earrings feature 2.53cts of sparkling round diamonds. Their elegant mound design is beautiful without stealing the spotlight from your hand.

Make sure to keep your hair away from your ears, so everyone can get to see them while congratulating you.

A pair of White gold dangle earring with round and emerald cut diamonds from ZYDO

If you’re celebrating at night time, the event asks for an upgrade of shine and formality.

Picture this:

Champagne flutes filled with the bubbly drink, you and your loved ones dressed to the nines and cheering away.

For such a special night, you need to pair your ring with these white gold dangle earrings.

These dazzling earrings, made from 18kt white gold showcase 1.93cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Their octagonal shape is unique and seeks to highlight the big emerald rock in the center of each earring.

If your engagement ring is emerald-cut, you’re in luck!

Show-stopping Necklaces

A white gold drop pendant from ZYDO

The fact that you’re choosing to have a traditional engagement party, doesn’t mean that you must keep your entire look old school.

For a woman who’s not afraid of being herself, while working hard and keeping the man of her dreams by her side, this white gold drop pendant is ideal.

Part of the Lace collection, it’s made from 18kt white gold, but it’s also available in yellow or rose gold in case you’d like it to match your ring. It showcases 1.07cts of sparkling round diamonds in a delicate but stunning design.

Make sure to pair it with a V-line top or dress, so it can stand out on its own.

On the other hand, if you’re a hopeless romantic and aren’t afraid of showing it off, you cannot miss out on this heart shaped pendant.

A yellow gold heart pendant with diamonds from ZYDO.

Made from 18kt yellow gold, this medium sized heart pendant showcases 1.16cts of sparkling round diamonds. The gems are placed in a well-executed pave setting, following the classic heart shape. Like the previous pendant, it’s also available in rose and white gold.

When you wear this pendant, you’ll definitely be the poster girl for the fact that in the end, and no matter what, love always wins.

The Bridal Shower

For a fun, ladies-only occasion, there’s nothing better than a bridal shower. No matter if you’re throwing a brunch, an old-school slumber party or a fancy spa day, you deserve to stand out from the crowd in a tasty manner.

This isn’t a “The Bride” plastic tiaras zone. You deserve much more than that.

Instead, you should opt for wearing a bracelet or two on your right hand to balance out the bling.

A white gold tennis bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

If you’re having a delicious brunch, followed by a swarm of great gifts, you should match your outfit with this white gold tennis bracelet.

This 18kt white gold bracelet is part of the Mosaic collection. It showcases 6.60cts of round diamonds. The gems are set in lovely rosette groupings, with each rose larger than the last one, in such a way as to create the illusion of larger stones.

This is also great for the refreshing tea (or tasty drink) section of your spa day. But, remember, you shouldn’t wear your jewelry during any of the beauty treatments, lest you risk damaging the gems.

 A white gold coil bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

For a quirky bracelet alternative that goes with every type of bridal shower, how about wearing this beautifully designed coil bracelet?

This 18kt white gold bracelet features 4.18cts of round diamonds. The hypnotizing design is stunning on its own, but won’t distract onlookers from the rest of your look.

Make sure to wear a sleeveless top, so this bracelet stands out.

If, instead of a daytime bridal shower, you’re sticking to a ladies only dinner party, then you should get your hands on this white gold stretch bracelet.

 A white gold stretch bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

The winning combination for women will always be beauty with comfort, and this bracelet is proof of it. Made from 18kt white gold, this accessory showcases 19.64cts of sparkling round diamonds. The stretching action makes it comfortable to wear all night long, and the manufacturing of the springs make sure they remain sturdy to keep using it for years and years.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best choice. You don’t need an out-of-the-box design to be the belle of the ball (or in this case, of the bridal shower).

No matter which bracelet you choose, you’ll surely look stunning while writing those thank-you notes for the gifts you received during the shower.

The Engagement Pictures

Most couples want to immortalize their love in a more relaxed manner, besides the wedding day. An engagement photo shoot is great for this, especially if you want to reflect your day to day bond.

Maybe, you’ll use these pictures for a wedding announcement or as part of the wedding décor on the big day.

The style of engagement jewelry you can wear for these pictures depends on you and your fiance’s personality and your ideas for the shoot. It can go from something simple and understated to a themed affair.

With that in mind, we’re offering you earrings based on the most common types of engagement photo shoots, so you’ll find an option that fits your style.

Earrings for 3 Types of Engagement Pictures

Sweet and Romantic

A pair of drop earrings with diamonds and citrine stones from ZYDO

For an adorable photo shoot with your beloved, you need to have a pair of drop earrings you can match with a youthful ponytail and a flowy Spring dress.

These enchanting drop earrings are up for the task. Made from 18kt rose gold, they showcase two beautiful citrine stones, both together weighing 21.61cts. Around them, there are 1.03cts of round diamonds for an extra touch of shine.

Everyday Love

A pair of white gold stud diamond earrings from ZYDO

Maybe for your engagement pictures, you’re looking to showcase your love in a more familiar setting, be it at home, at your favorite coffee shop or at the park where you two always jog.

For these types of shoots, it’s best to go with a timeless classic that you’ll wear for years after the wedding, and that won’t hinder any of these daily activities.

Enter: these white gold stud earrings.

The stars on these 18kt white gold earrings are the 0.92cts of sparkling round diamonds they feature. As one of the bracelets included in the Bridal Shower section, the gems are set in a rosette style to create the look of much larger stones.

Hey, maybe you can wear them both together at these events!

Princess for a Day

A pair of white gold huggie earrings with diamonds from ZYDO

For a more whimsical photo shoot, you need a pair of earrings that are a lot more “out there” than the previous ones.

These huggie earrings are part of the Unique collection. They represent the perfect mix of edge with glamour.

Made from 18kt white gold, they feature 9.70cts of pear and round diamonds. If you choose to wear them for your engagement pictures, we suggest you match them with a bold lip, to show off your glamorous side.

Also, the red lip could provide a great opportunity to shower your beloved with kisses.

We’ve got you covered for the next few months of pre-wedding day celebrations and craziness (engagement jewelry-wise, at least!). However, no matter which accessory you choose for each event, there are two key pieces you cannot forget to bring: your future bride glow and shiny smile… and that amazing engagement ring of yours.

If the big date is creeping closer, and you’re looking for gems more tailored for that day, do not fret. We’ll soon be back with our part II, with more options for your wedding day.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to browse our Jewelry category, it is absolutely inspo!

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