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College Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2017

College Graduation season is in full swing at universities across the U.S.

Soon, the Class of 2017 will be taking the stage of their college auditoriums, receiving the ultimate recognition after several years of hard work in the academic world.

It’s the end of an era, and it can make you feel especially nostalgic if you have a college grad in your life.

Think about this for a moment:

You’ve seen her studying for days and nights, acing her tests and assignments, and losing precious sleep to get the A’s she deserved.

Also, you’ve sent her messages of support and encouragement, listened to her fears and feelings of disappointment when things went wrong, letting her know you’re rooting for her.

Finally, thanks to social media, you’ve seen her enjoying the college life to the max, hanging out with friends and… more than friends, making memories that she’ll cherish years down the road.

It’s almost hard to believe that she’s about to step out of this part of her life and into what us grown-ups call the real world.

Admit it; it’s a little scary, right?

Graduating from university is the ultimate milestone for her and you’d like to give her something truly special.

A great gift idea for the graduating woman in your life is a staple jewelry piece that she can use in her new life as a professional. It can even be an early graduation gift for something to wear when receiving her diploma in front of everyone.

This week, we want to show you our picks for graduation gifts to commemorate this wonderful achievement, and look fantastic while doing so, of course!

Every jewelry gift your grad girl receives can last forever, as long as she follows our 10 Essential Tips for Jewelry Care.

A Sweet Infinity Bracelet

White gold infinity bracelet with diamonds from ZYDO

Let’s start with a simple, but beautiful detail for the grad girl.

If you want to give her something modest, but still glamorous, this white gold infinity bracelet is the best gift choice.

Part of the Dainty collection, this charming bracelet is made from 18kt white gold. It features 0.16ct of round diamonds assembled in a delicate infinity symbol setting.

The infinity symbol also holds a special, rather emotional meaning. It symbolizes eternity, empowerment, strength, and everlasting love. It’s a great way to show her that you’ll always love her no matter where her new path takes her from now on, be it in business or in life.

If she’s hopping straight from the auditorium to her first entry-level job, this bracelet will fit in just right in whatever dress code she finds herself in. It will also remind her of home, and the loved ones who have her back.

Two Gorgeous Diamond Cuts in a Single Piece

A white gold pendant, featuring round and emerald cut diamonds in an illusion set, from ZYDO

Our second piece can make anyone feel like the star of a fashion editorial spread.

If your grad girl had a college book on one arm and the latest Vogue edition on the other, she’s the right one for this unique white gold pendant.

Made from 18kt white gold, this stunning pendant showcases 0.50cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Its unusual shape is complemented by the illusion setting used to place the diamonds, making the stones look larger, without overdoing it.

This trendy piece is right for her first big business lunch or the company’s anniversary party. It can also be a transition accessory from a busy day of work to a Friday night outing with her coworkers or friends.

A Ring to Celebrate May Flowers

A yellow gold flower ring, featuring diamonds and yellow briolette sapphires from ZYDO

This third gem takes things in a different direction.

In a way, graduation time feels like the big moment in Spring when flowers finally open up and bloom, releasing all of their colors and scents.

Do you want to know why?

During Winter and early Spring, flowers spent months nurturing themselves from the soil and the sun, growing quietly until it’s their time to shine.

Graduates have put on the hard work for years, acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary in their fields, and now they’re ready to present it to the world.

With this in mind, we have this lovely yellow gold flower ring.

This beautiful ring showcases 3.75cts of golden yellow briolette sapphires. These gemstones are accentuated by 0.75cts of round diamonds and by the 18kt yellow gold that comprises the ring.

Wearing this little piece of Spring around in a grown-up weekend picnic, glass of white wine in hand, is optional. Not feeling special while doing so, isn’t.

A Pair of Confident Round Earrings

White Gold Rosette Stud Earrings with Illusion Set Diamonds

This fourth piece will help her stand out at the office.

The fact that your graduate is going straight to an entry-level job or internship after throwing the cap in the air doesn’t mean that she has to keep a low profile style-wise at work.

Many career experts say, after all, that workers should dress for the job they want, not the one they have. She already has the skills, the willingness to work hard and learn, and the great attitude.

The only thing she needs to add is a pinch of confidence, and this comes from within. But, a little help from the right accessory is never out of place, trust us.

So, with that in mind, take a look at these gorgeous round stud earrings.

They’re part of the Mosaic collection, like the trendy pendant we featured earlier on in this post. These charming 18kt white gold round stud earrings showcase 0.98cts of round diamonds. The illusion setting makes the diamonds look like a single gemstone of a larger size.

Even if she’s currently in the lower rung of the totem pole, the confidence she’ll get while wearing these earrings will help her work hard and become the star of the department.

A Multicolored Pendant

A multicolored white gold pendant with sapphires and diamonds from ZYDO

The fact that your graduate lady is about to enter the working world doesn’t mean that her life will lack color.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you give her this gorgeous white gold pendant, you’re giving a vote of confidence that a bright, colorful future is ahead of her.

Part of the Rainbow collection, this 18kt white gold pendant showcases 17.54cts of multicolor oval sapphires, accentuated by 0.41cts of round diamonds. It’s perfect for those crazy days of early adulthood where she could use an extra touch of joy.

It’s also easy to match with other colors, or with neutral clothing items, thanks to the variety of colored sapphires: pink, green, blue, and indigo tones.

A Diamond Studded Pair

A pair of huggie white gold earrings with diamonds from ZYDO

To end this selection of accessories, we cannot forget to add an ultimate night piece.

As the college experience comes to a close, it’s time for new graduates to upgrade their evening outings.

Kegs with friends make way for craft beers at the local brewery. Watching Netflix in the rattiest pajamas she and her boyfriend own, while eating takeout, gives way to weekend trips or experiencing the city in style, sweetheart in tow.

For those occasions, and plenty of them will come, by the way, your graduate lady needs to sport a classic pair of earrings that she’ll wear way beyond her Class’ 10-year reunion.

These white gold huggie earrings fit the bill. They showcase 2.21cts of sparkling round diamonds, placed in a gorgeous pave setting. Earrings that embrace your ear are part of the 5 pairs every woman should own, so you’ll be giving her a head start with this stunning pair.

Looking for more graduation gift ideas? Check out our selection of jewelry inspired by 2017’s Pantone Color of the Year and get inspired!


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