BASELWORLD Interviews David Zybert: The Gentleman Jeweler

BASELWORLD Daily News interviewed ZYDO‘s founder, David Zybert, a few months ago to enquire about ZYDO and the jewelry business.  The result is the portrait of a passionate man that fell in love with beautiful gems and the art of jewelry-making in an article aptly titled: “The Gentleman Jeweler”.  You can read it in its entirety here:

“David Zybert, a jeweler to the bone, inherited his father’s knowledge of precious stones, and in 1972 he founded his own company, ZYDO, initially for trading diamonds and pearls. Then he began designing jewelry and his true talent was revealed.


BWDN: You grew up in the world of diamond traders, where rela­tionships are based mainly on trust. How did this influence you?

David Zybert: My father taught me that it was important to be profes­sional and although his eyesight was not perfect he could assess a diamond with his naked eye like few others in the world.


When you traded stones in Italy there was a high demand. Why the change?

Actually, when I made the decision, the situation was not one of the best, but perhaps there’s a simple expla­nation. Selling stones was no longer enough for me so I opened a work­shop where I could try to set them myself. I recruited top-class work­ers, who are never lacking in Valen­za, and we started right away with stunning diamonds and rare gem­stones. I was proud of my first results as a jeweler.


Do you believe there is a crucial skill for anyone who wants to be a jeweler?

Not to be in a hurry. I had to author­ize the chief setter to forget the clock, because in jewelry making haste or even a simple change of touch can make a negative differ­ence.


How long have you been coming to BASELWORLD?

More or less since I started making jewelry, so it must be 30 years… And for us the show has become even more important since we began brand policy. But I have to thank my children for that.


Are your two children in the com­pany like two pillars?

I actually have three: Jack, who is now 35; Eli, who’s a year younger; and Roberto, who is 30. They stud­ied at Boston University and the GIA, then they asked me if they could join the company. Knowing how difficult our job is, I told them to think carefully but when I saw how keen they were, I welcomed them with open arms. In 2001 they even persuaded me to initiate branding. Today we share responsi­bilities and Eli lives in the United States, where many years ago we set up Italian Jewelry of America to distribute ZYDO products from premises on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 46th Street. I’d say we’re a good team.


Your creations are also to be seen on the red carpet. When is a piece of jewelry suitable for an Oscar night?

There’s a rule that applies not only when it comes to dressing the stars, but for high jewelry in general: when buying a luxury item, you may forget what you paid, but if there’s a flaw you’ll see it forever and you won’t want to wear your purchase.


Something in the jewelry world that no longer exists and that you regret?

One thing above all: the widespread expertise of sector professionals. Once there were more people who could appreciate the quality of craftsmanship or recognize a natu­ral stone.”


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