Diamond Rings Keep Husband and Wife Happy


Italian jewelers have contributed to the progress of fine jewelry since ancient times. In fact, the first craftsmen of the Etruscan civilization began developing their skills in Italy’s southern tip approximately 3,000 years ago. Since then, Italians have both borrowed from and contributed to jewelry making techniques throughout the world. These world-class goldsmiths have helped establish styles that are still common today, such as amulets, pendants, pearl necklaces and gold bracelets; however, one of the most prevalent trends that they catalyzed is the tradition of using diamonds as the gemstone of choice for wedding rings.

Diamond rings became popular during the Middle Ages when the Romans started to associate diamonds with supernatural powers. Pliny the Elder, a famous Roman writer, reported that a diamond has the ability to baffle poison, keep off insanity, and dispel vain fears. Needless to say, word spread about these incredible powers, along with diamond’s beautiful characteristics, and the gemstone became a favorite among fashionable Italians, as well.

After some time, diamond rings had become a favorite among the medieval Italians. It was soon noted that diamonds – or more specifically, diamond rings – influenced relationships between husband and wife for the better. This peculiar property earned the stunning gemstone a new name, “Pietra della Reconciliazone,” which means Stone of Reconciliation.

The Archbishop of Seville, Saint Isidore, noted that it was not actually the diamond’s beauty that made it appealing to husbands and wives in Italy. In his account of the subject, he wrote that they featured a “small stone devoid of beauty.” It was only due to the diamond’s unique ability to mend relationships that it became the preferred choice for wedding rings – and it still is to this day!

Since then, Italian jewelry designers have refined the processes of cleaning and cutting diamonds. They have also built upon and perfected the art of jewelry making and goldsmith techniques passed on by their preceding generations. Today they use a combination of their skills to design treasures of all kinds, including beautiful enamel jewelry and intricate sapphire necklaces; however, diamonds remain the leading choice for rings to be gifted to wives – or any loved one for that matter.

Italian yellow gold eternity ring with diamonds by ZYDO Italy

We believe the diamond’s current prominence in the world of rings has resulted from a combination of beliefs, traditions and aesthetics associated with the lovely gemstone. For example, this sparkling 18kt yellow gold eternity ring showcases 1.98cts of round diamonds in a classic design that will certainly help reconcile any relationship. Plus, the eternity ring’s never-ending row of diamonds symbolizes an endless love!

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