Earrings in the 80’s, 90’s and Early 2000’s

What do eighties rock bands and hair metal have in common with fine jewelry? Well, for starters they shared a few brief, beautiful moments in history. One of the greatest timeless entities from the eighties was the outrageously expressive and over the top fashion sense embodied by mainstream musicians and epic rockers. One of their greatest contributions, besides legendary music, was catalyzing the earring into a male fashion trend.


British rock bands caught onto the look early as well and could be seen on stage worn by the likes of George Michael and fellow members of Wham! Life in the eighties was about self-expression, new styles and ground breaking fashion development. The steady incline of men with ear piercings indicates mainstream style had matured and suggests that jewelry appreciation on a whole was becoming a sophisticated phenomenon.


Truly an era for men getting in touch with the finer things in life, the eighties pushed fashion further and further. Professional athletes such as Michael Jordan adopted the pierced look with glamorous jewels and diamond studs complementing their classy dress suits and celebrity style. By the nineties, American men had finally caught onto the look that Mr. T had been sporting for years.


Once earrings had caught on amongst American men a few new trends began to emerge. Wearing a second set of earrings in the earlobes became popular amongst women. Shortly after men picked up the style and responded to this look with double-pierced single earlobes.


The widespread love for earrings and personal empowerment had risen to an unprecedented level by the 2000s. They became the centerpieces of many celebrity styles from the infamous Pink to the well-respected 50 Cent. Earrings have even become a fashion trend for newborn babies in Costa Rica.


It has been an amazingly progressive journey for earrings and yet they still embody so much of their original spirit and expressive nature. We still see cultural influences from indigenous cultures in today’s modern forms of self-expression and style. For example, earlobe stretching has been practiced for thousands of years and has risen to mainstream culture now in the form of plugs.


ZYDO Italy believes that these connections to our inherent human nature and the desire to aesthetically express our selves are the most important aspects of jewelry. This is why every piece of authentic Italian fine jewelry that we create pushes the bounds of conformity and emphasizes individuality and uniqueness in all of our avant-garde designs.


We strive to honor the history and cultural significance in all of our earrings while adding custom Italian flair to our extravagant jewels and timeless designs… but let’s save that discussion for next week.

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