How to Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

Diamonds are forever… if you take good care of them.

Having a jewelry box full of gorgeous gems is genuinely satisfying. But if you want them to stay shiny and amazing for decades, you’ll need to go beyond the occasional cleaning. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep them in an airtight container, frozen in time. You bought them to show them off, after all, not to keep them hidden from view.

Just as you make sure to follow up with your car’s maintenance program to keep it running, and you plan deep cleaning sessions for your house, you should do something similar with your jewelry. A combination of these two will make sure to keep your gems sparkly for decades, turning them into heirloom pieces for future generations.

In today’s post, we’ll go over some of the most important things you must consider to extend the life of your jewelry. A ZYDO woman doesn’t neglect any of these points and does whatever it takes to make them happen.

Ready? Read on!

But first, don’t forget our essential tips for taking care of your jewelry!

Inspect your Jewelry

Are you the type of jewelry user that, once you’re back at home, takes off their gems and chucks them in the box with no contemplations?

Then, it’s time to have a sit down with your pieces and do a little inspection.

You’re not only assessing whether or not they still spark joy but also making sure that they look as good as they did when you got them. Check for dust or dirt particles, any sign that your diamonds are losing their shine or that something is a little too snug or loose for comfort.

After that, make sure to give your gems some TLC, by giving it a mild cleansing (check the link above to find out how to do it) or by taking it to the pros if it’s something more serious.

Don’t feel guilty if, when inspecting your collection, you find yourself hypnotized by some pieces more than others. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off a stunning piece of jewelry, such as this gold pendant.

A rose gold heart pendant with diamonds from ZYDO.

This pendant from the Classic Chic collection stole your heart and filled it with 18kt rose gold. It also features 1.16cts of sparkling round diamonds. It’s fit for any daytime or nighttime look, and you can wear it as a reminder of the strength and real value of your heart.

Don’t Forget to Fix Your Jewelry

Found something small in your jewelry inspection?

Whether it’s a slightly loose prong or a clasp that can betray you occasionally, don’t sweep mild damage under the rug. What seems to be a small annoyance now can take a tragic turn in the future if you lose a diamond or break a pendant before a big event.

Instead, when you see that something’s up, do not hesitate to put that gem piece aside and make a mental note to take it to the jeweler ASAP.

Some of the little issues you shouldn’t overlook are.

  • Earrings backs that aren’t as “set” as they used to.
  • Clasps that don’t close properly, or are too hard to open.
  • Loose or slightly damaged prongs.

If you find any of these issues in your jewelry, put them aside and make an appointment with a good jeweler to fix them right away. The sooner you do it, the sooner your pieces will be ready to take on your next big event.

The right pair of earrings backs must be firm but delicate, just like you. These 18kt white gold earrings are definite proof of this.

A pair of white gold stud earrings with diamonds from ZYDO

With an unusual octagonal shape, this pair features 1.49cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Some of them have been placed in an illusion setting in the center of each earring, to make the diamonds stand out more. They will look amazing as part of your work wardrobe, from boardroom meeting Monday to casual Friday.

Find a Top Jeweler

This next tip is related to the previous post, and it’s crucial to extend the life of your jewelry.

You have a trusted doctor, a reliable car service company and a remarkable manicure lady on speed dial. Are you missing someone on this list?

If you don’t have a good jeweler in your phone agenda, the answer is yes!

Jewelers aren’t there just to save you in case of a fashion emergency, such as any of the points listed in the second post. They can also help you inject your regular pieces with new life. By giving your jewelry a professional cleaning, bringing heirloom pieces to their original luster, or even repurposing priceless gems into something new, they are a must-have in your glam squad.

To find one, first, go by word of mouth, asking your family and friends. If their gems are close enough to your style, their jeweler may be someone you could gel with. Another option is to visit the site of Jewelers of America and search their database of certified jewelers for an expert close to you.

Renew your Jewelry Engravings

When you engrave a jewelry piece, such as a ring or pendant, you do it to commemorate something extraordinary, be it your wedding date, the name of your loved one, or a phrase that caught your heart.

Unfortunately, with time and plenty of wear and tear, a lovely engraving can change its shape. It can end up looking less like a sweet memento and more like something out of a seismograph.

If that’s the case with one of your beloved pieces, there’s a solution to your conundrum. If your jeweler is worth their weight in gold, they master the art of engraving (or can refer you to someone who can do it). By retracing the lines and cleaning the blurry edges, they can bring the original design back to its authentic look, or better!

Looking for more tips to keep looking flawless while sporting your gem collection? Watch out for these jewelry mistakes, and you will thrive together for decades.

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