3 Fashion Tips To Ease The Transition From Summer


As Thanksgiving approaches and Christmas decorations begin to fill our favorite luxury fashion and fine jewelry shops with holiday glee, we can’t help but wonder why warm days are still in the mix. We all know that the transition from summer to fall can be tricky to pull off due to sudden changes in the weather. These unpredictable days have been making 2015 especially difficult, so we looked around for a few tips that could help find the right balance between Italian jewelry and luxurious leather jackets.

Brooke Hayley Reagan, of Marie Claire, recently interviewed fashion bloggers Kat Tanita, Stephanie Lam, and Merritt Beck to get their suggestions for transitional styles. The collective advice seems centered around layers of clothing and fine jewelry to combine pieces from both summer and fall wardrobes in a stylish mix n’ match manner. Here are our 3 favorite tips from these top fashion bloggers to help you find your perfect summer to fall fashion fixes.

A white gold ring with diamonds and emerald cut pink sapphires
ZYDO’s Bold Diamond Ring with Pink Sapphires Adds a Nice Pop of Color

Kat Tanita finds herself wearing bright, bold scarves throughout the year. They are the perfect transitional accessories thanks to their versatile nature. Simply use it as a sarong on warm days or as a scarf when the days are chilly. Kat also recommends finding a nice pair of neutral booties, which can be worn with denim cut offs or dark skinny jeans depending on the weather. Leather shorts, another secret weapon in her wardrobe, can be paired with a white shirt on warm days or layered up with a denim button down and boots when the breeze turns cold. Kat suggests wearing a bold cocktail ring to provide a much-needed pop of color to a neutral fall wardrobe.

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a white gold diamond necklace by ZYDO Italian Jewelry
ZYDO’s Handmade Diamond Necklace Will Always Look Great On You

Stephanie Lam’s approach to the summer to fall style transition includes updating your shoe collection with pointy toe pumps, oxfords or velvet loafers in addition to layering on a light sweater over a nice button up. Another simple trick to take your summer dresses into autumn is the addition of a blazer. Stephanie also suggests layering on jewelry. Her favorite combination includes an ornate chunky necklace stacked with a simpler necklace featuring similar design elements to create a finished look.

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a white gold ring with round and princess cut diamonds
ZYDO’s Flexible Diamond Ring Will Add a Touch of Refinement to Any Outfit

Merritt Beck suggests wearing a stylish blouse and layering it with sweaters, vests and jackets to prepare for fall’s chilly days. Adding a leather jacket and booties to a silk dress is another easy update for the seasonal change. Merritt also updates her beauty routine with grey nail polish to create an edgy look that is sophisticated enough for formal holiday parties. We suggest finding the perfect piece of Italian jewelry online to complete your refined fall fashion.

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