Fashion Week Continues Compassionate Theme of Equality

Fashion Week New York, London and Milan have all been fantastic for luxury fashion and fine jewelry lovers alike. We’ve seen a few highly anticipated trends such as the return of brooches and a revival of ’70s style; however, the undeniable winner of this year’s shows has been the embracement of equality. We have seen all types of models overturn old school casting concepts while mentally challenged models melt hearts down the runway. Communities of designers and models that have influenced the scene since the beginning are finally getting the representation they deserve – and we love it!

We’re happy to see all 4 Fashion Week locations carrying on the theme of equality. Our hearts absolutely melted when we saw Australian model, Madeline Stuart walk the runway of the FTL Moda show. Despite struggling with Down syndrome, she took several strolls down the runway, where she stole the show. After her 2nd walk, she gave everyone high fives on the way back in. The world was clearly ready for such an inspiring act – and so was Madeline.

These avant-garde twists and compassionate advances within the industry reflect a progress in human consciousness that will hopefully influence the rest of the world. The idea that one body type might be better than another has expired. The concept of an ideal look has drifted into oblivion. After all, these concepts have only been an illusion crafted by the heartless.

A White Gold Ring with Diamond Illusions by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

So to celebrate these advances in society and remind us all that the concept of beauty and expectations of perfection are simply illusions, we’re suggesting these new looks be paired with this stunning gold ring with diamonds illusion set. This elaborate 18kt white gold ring showcases 1.19cts of sparkling diamonds in a skillful setting, which gives a substantial and luxurious look. Just like all of our handcrafted Italian Jewelry, it was made in Italy by ZYDO.

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