4 tips for wearing jewelry in winter

Fashion factors change with the seasons. We dress for the weather. When the temperature drops, we bundle up. It’s in our nature to do so. But when it comes to choosing the right look, there’s more to consider. We’ve picked our four favorite tips for wearing fine jewelry this winter to help you stay on tone and on trend.


#1. Pair layers of jewelry with layers of clothes and you’ll be set for cold weather with style

Who doesn’t love dressing up for a cold day or chilly evening? Bundling up in layers lets you get creative with serious textures and fun combinations. It also makes you feel snug and toasty which really brings some reason for the season. Let your jewelry match the look with these trendy tricks by Red Book Mag.

Rings – Create a complementary textured effect by wearing one large or multiple small rings on a single finger with a simple band on a different finger.

Necklaces – Design your own necklace pile-on by pairing one short, one medium and one long necklace. Try to blend contrasting styles to create your own special look.

Bracelets – Stack mixed-up bracelets with a variety of classic pieces such as chunky links, jeweled bangles and leather cuffs. The result should feel refined, not messy.


#2. Grey is the new black… and it needs jewelry for color

Don’t call it a comeback – it’s been here all year. Yes, grey can be an easy go-to during the dull winter months, but this has been a bold year for the color. Esther Ligthart of Bizzita says, “grey with a sparkle is perfect for evenings.” She suggests complementing grey outfits with colored jewelry or taking it to the next level with the right grey jewelry to fully commit to the theme. “Silver and white gold are on trend,” according to Esther, who suggests that you “add a touch of color with gemstones or keep it clean and elegant without any color.”


#3. Make a big statement to stay on top of the trends

Do trends follow trends? Yes. We’ve seen a trend in size across many new fashion developments. From the return of Swinging London’s oversized coats to the adorably giant knit garments that keep hitting the runways, big is back in style. Our favorite jewelry fashion tip for overcoming the additional adornment matter comes from Esther Ligthart, once again. She suggests wearing big earrings that play into the look. A large necklace is not recommended to go with the earrings in this situation, but a large ring might work well. You can find the perfect earrings online from the comfort of your own home at shop.zydoamerica.com (orders currently available in U.S. only).


#4. Cut back the dullness of winter with some splashes of color!

Do you see cold days as burdens or opportunities? When some people see a dreary day they feel it should be matched in tone, saving bright fun colors for the festivities of a distant summer. Riley Masters of Closet Barcode has turned this ancient theory upside down and sees cold winter days as a chance to color coordinate with scenery that can make your outfit and jewelry pop. “The ground is gray and drab in the winter,” says Masters “give it a colorful splash by wearing solid-colored heels or platforms… paired with a matching piece of jewelry, colorful shoes add pizzazz to a neutral outfit.” Explore ZYDO’s collections Blooming and Dome to find the right piece of colorful jewelry to reinvent your winter days.


When choosing the right jewelry for winter there is a lot to consider

Be sure to keep a few things in mind. We suggest favoring your skin tone over a trending color. If your natural skin tone is cool, then you might look best in silver. Adversely, gold will probably look better on those of us with warm skin tones. Remember to never sacrifice your personal style for that of someone else. Your own preference is what makes you unique, so be sure to find jewelry that is comfortable to wear and speaks to your personality.

To explore the ZYDO collections that will help complete your winter style visit www.zydo.it.


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