Get Inspired with Our Favorite Colors from Pantone’s 2017 Fall Color Report

Believe it or not, fall is slowly creeping into your life and your wardrobe. While it officially arrives (on Sep. 22), it’s time to transition our freshest summer looks towards something a little cozier, without losing our style.

To do it well, we can always use a little dose of inspiration, right? So, today we bring it to you.

As every year, Pantone released early this year their color selection for this Fall season. This list is highly anticipated by fashion and design lovers, and anyone who’s fascinated by the wonderful world of color.

Inspired by the fashion week shows which took place around March, the experts at Pantone give us a palette of colors based on the shades most loved by designers and fashionistas. This year’s report is very special, as it features colors from both the New York and London Fashion Week shows.

You can really see a contrast between both cities. While both palettes feature rich tones, New York’s focused on darker colors, while the London one features a bigger array of lighter pastel tones.

There is something for everyone in both selections of colors.

With that in mind, we got inspired by the New York palette to comb through our collection and find stunning jewelry pieces based on our favorite colors from the selection. We focused on rings because, even though the days are getting cooler, it’s still warm enough for you to show off your beautiful hands.

Grab your favorite pumpkin snack and get ready to fall in love with these gorgeous rings.

But first, if you’re curious about the Fall color palette of last year, you’ll find it here.

Navy Peony

First up, let’s cling on to the last bits of summer with a healthy dose of deep blue.

Whether you managed to swim in the Caribbean waters, or settled with a swimming pool back home, a summer without either of them is incomplete.

So, if you want to carry with you the fun you had at the beach or the pool, without getting your belongings wet or scrolling through your Instagram pictures, this blue sapphire ring is perfect for you.

A White gold ring with diamonds and sapphires from ZYDO

This 18kt white gold ring features 3.23cts of emerald cut blue sapphires, which are surrounded by 0.21cts of sparkling round diamonds. The neutral feel of this deep blue makes it easy to match with any outfit you wear during the fall and winter seasons, so it’s definitely a must have!


This second color brings a touch of freshness to perk up the most conservative outfit you’ll wear during the fall season.

The team of Pantone describes Marina as a cool color made to give the sensation of vitality and brightness. Thus, it comes in handy for when you want a break from the earthy tones that characterize the following months of the year.

Want to add it to your Fall wardrobe? This cocktail ring brings a touch of Marina and even more!

A white gold cocktail ring with diamonds and semiprecious gems from ZYDO

Part of the Dome collection, this 18kt white gold ring showcases five semi-precious gems, accentuated by 1.29cts of sparkling diamonds. The gems featured are pink opal, amethyst, peridot and citrine; along with a blue topaz reminiscent of the Marina color. In total, these gems weigh 3.18cts. It’s a very versatile ring for any event you attend during this season.

Golden Lime

Earthy, darker greens are a staple of fall. But, for this season, Pantone decided to change things up towards more lively tones, that take themselves less seriously.

Change is, after all, the ultimate motto of fall.

To do it, they picked this yellow-green shade, that hides a small touch of golden. Like the previous tone, Golden Lime is perfect.

A yellow gold ring with diamonds and green sapphires from ZYDO

This impressive 18kt yellow gold ring features 7.51cts of cabochon and custom cut green sapphires, which are surrounded by 0.32cts of round diamonds.

Autumn Maple

One of the big things that come with Fall is the beginning of the holiday season.

(Yes, it’s closer than you think!)

October and November are glowing in earthy orange tones, thanks to Halloween and Thanksgiving, respectively.

Pantone chose Autumn Maple as a way to introduce a warm shade to Fall’s color palette and evoke the feeling of closeness and coziness of both festivities.

A white gold ring with diamonds and orange sapphires from ZYDO

This 18kt white gold ring features 6.41cts of luscious emerald cut orange sapphires, which are surrounded by 0.65cts of sparkling round diamonds.

Ballet Slipper

We end this colorful roundup of shades with a sweet, tender one that evokes innocence and beauty.

Delicate rosy shades are associated with health, ease, and happiness, and Ballet slipper isn’t an exception. Best of all, it looks great on all skin tones, so it enhances your natural charm.

If you’re planning to get engaged during this season, this last ring is perfect for a Fall-themed proposal, so show it to your fiancé!

A rose gold octagonal ring with diamonds from ZYDO

It’s part of the expanding collection of rings from the Mosaic Collection.  This charming 18kt rose gold ring features 0.99cts of round and emerald cut diamonds. Placed in an Illusion setting, their octagonal shape is the ultimate symbol of modern romance.

Wanna brighten your day with more pretty gems? Head out to our Jewelry category and get ready to be mesmerized.

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