Fine Jewelry Travel Roll Winner

Congratulations Bernadette Wilkinson

You have won a jewelry travel case for your summer adventures!
Now you can bring along your favorite pieces of fine jewelry when you visit your favorite travel destinations. Imagine how easy it will be to roll up that beautiful sapphire necklace for your next vacation now that you have a case designed with just that in mind. Get ready for an incredibly fashionable summer with your new jewelry travel roll.

One of the most common problems we see with jewelry, post vacation, results from poor packing choices. Scratches and chips often occur when several pieces of jewelry are loosely packed together and then tossed about. Whether it’s a careless bagman hurling your suitcase onto an airplane, or simply a sudden stop when riding in the car, anything that forces your pieces to slide or shift about will cause them to rub and scratch against each other in the process. We suggest everyone take this into consideration before they pack for their next trip.

This stylish jewelry case holds rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants securely in position so you can bring them along wherever you go. A clever design allows the case to roll up into a compact and secure bundle making loose jewelry a thing of the past. What does this mean? It means no more tangled chains, lost rings or damaged pieces bringing down your spirits when you should be turning up.

We hope your next adventure is filled with friends, fun and fabulous fine jewelry. Be sure to think of us when you’re sipping cocktails before dinner, instead of missing a reservation due to a misplaced earring or worse—the dreaded tangled necklace chain. May your travels never encounter such frustration, but rather be lush with comfort and ease.

Happy Travels!


If you need any more jewelry to fill the case, is open 24/7.

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