Gorgeous Pearls: A Timeless Trend


Fashion is all about originality, change, and the reinvention of old standards. We’ve all seen the meteoric rise and stunning downfall of many terrible trends. However, what converts a fashion piece into an icon is its simplicity, appeal, and femininity. This is why pearls have stayed on the style radar for centuries, and definitely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why we love pearls

Humanity’s infatuation with pearls began around the 5th century BCE in the southern regions of India, where locals farmed some of the finest, most beautiful pearls produced in the ancient world. Other regions, such as the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean, were also known for their extremely beautiful pearls, used for jewelry and religious decorations.

Pearls have been imbued with many meanings throughout history. Ancient societies believed that pearls had magic properties, and their round shape was a symbol for the moon. In China, it was thought that pearls protected the wearer from fire and negative forces. In Victorian England, pearls were used as a reflection of bereavement in mourning jewelry.

Bringing pearls into 2016 

Pearls are a must-have accessory for all seasons, but particularly for the Fall/Winter season. They can be dressed down for daytime or dressed up for a night on the town, giving your wardrobe a unique touch of elegance.

“If I gave you Diamonds and Pearls…”

gold necklace diamonds pearls zydo jewelry made in Italy
Gold necklace with diamonds and pearls

There’s nothing more eye catching than mixing up the two most stunning gems in the universe in one piece. No wonder Prince titled one of his most beautiful songs ‘Diamonds and Pearls’. This gorgeous 18kt rose gold necklace is perfect for daytime wear. Its 8.20 grams of fresh water pearls, 1.20cts of sparkling colorless diamonds, and 0.29cts of rubies come together in perfect harmony.

A dainty fantasy

gold necklace diamonds pearls zydo jewelry made in Italy
Gold Necklace with Diamonds and Pearls

For a more simple take on the pearl and diamond combination, take a look at this necklace. It boasts 1.14cts of sparkling colorless diamonds, along with 0.32cts of rubies and 6.8 grams of fresh water pearls. All of these gems are featured in a round, 18kt rose gold necklace, ideal for sweater-weather season.

Tahitian Princess

Necklace with Black and White Diamonds and Pearls
Necklace with Black and White Diamonds and Pearls

For a more seductive take on pearls, how about this breathtaking necklace? Part of our ‘Glam Noir’ collection, this is one-of-a-kind 18kt white gold necklace features 28.62cts of dazzling black and white diamonds. The real star, however, is the 38 grams of stunning black Tahitian pearls. Wear this piece at your next evening event and you can be certain that all eyes will be on you.

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