How to care for your ZYDO jewelry!

We all love our jewelry, so we should be doing everything possible to make sure to take care of our most prized pieces. Be sure not to miss this blog to learn the best ways that you can keep your jewelry in excellent condition. 

Here are a few jewelry care tips to help you maintain the stunning appeal of your fine jewelry.

1. Insure your jewelry

Accidents happen. It’s impossible to predict when disaster will strike, which is why it’s always a good idea to insure your jewelry. In the event something happens to your precious pieces, you have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. A jewelry appraisal is typically one of the first steps to insuring your jewelry. You’ll need to visit a certified appraiser who can determine the value of your piece or collection.

2. Know when to remove your jewelry

Jewelry is delicate, so you should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. Take off your jewelry before any of the following: swimming; cleaning; gardening; working out; and even showering!

3. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space

We all toss our jewelry in a drawer or on the nightstand, but it’s best to keep your jewelry in a case that has compartments for your jewelry. If you don’t have a jewelry case, make sure to wrap each piece of jewelry in a soft tissue or paper before placing it in a drawer. This will prevent scratching and tangling. For sterling jewelry, get an anti-tarnish bag or cloth to limit exposure to air and moisture.

4. Travel with a jewelry case and keep your jewelry in your carry-on luggage

While regular storage is important, travel storage is even more essential. Tossing your jewelry in a toiletry bag or suitcase can cause a great deal of damage. You can protect your pieces by using specially designed travel jewelry cases or jewelry rolls that will keep your special items safe and tangle-free. You also want to make sure your jewelry is in your hand luggage, in case your bag somehow gets lost or stolen. Never put your valuables in checked luggage!

5. Put your jewelry on last

Whether you’re wearing diamonds or gemstones, chemicals from make-up, hair products, and perfume can damage your pieces. It’s best to think of jewelry as the finishing touch for your look, so it should be the last thing that you put on before heading out the door.

Other ZYDO Updates

Don’t forget to join us for our end-of-the-year Trunk Shows! We hope you can come peruse our amazing collection of diamond and gemstone jewelry at the following locations over the next two months.


November 3-4: Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland; Miami, FL

November 10-12: Neiman Marcus; Houston, TX

November 19-20: Neiman Marcus; Ft. Worth, TX


December 1-2: Neiman Marcus; White Plains, NY

December 8-9: Saks Fifth Avenue; Palm Beach Gardens, FL

December 15-16: Saks Fifth Avenue; Naples, FL

December 22-23: Saks Fifth Avenue; Bal Harbour, FL

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