How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

A necklace can be the leading touch to any look! It can be used to highlight certain areas on the body or downplay others in your favor. It is important to choose between different lengths and styles of necklaces that will suit you and your neckline best. 

We have created a necklace length guide that will make you feel good about all of your future jewelry looks and purchases. 

Let’s get started!

Think about your Personal Style

Take a look at the clothes in your closet and notice the constants in the styles you choose. If you like to wear deep v-neck tops, use longer necklaces that fit the v-neckline of the collarbone or chest.

You should also think about the general aesthetic that you’re looking for on a daily basis. If you like to have a simple and minimalist look, a short necklace can go great with most of your outfits.

Think about the occasion 

Your wardrobe options will likely vary depending on the situation. If you’re looking for stand-out pieces, long chains are usually ideal. They help you start a conversation and make you look bold and daring. 


For the workplace, however, “daring and reckless” is probably not a good idea. Better to choose something more professional, like a short necklace with gems or diamonds that go very well with the small neckline of an evening dress. You can get an adjustable chain and vary the length of your piece if you choose to wear a deeper neck blouse. 

Face Shape and Necklace Length 

You can choose a necklace that flatters the shape of your face.

Oval face shapes can wear any necklace length- This means that you literally can buy whatever you want!

Rounder face shapes can use most things. However, make sure that everything is within the range of medium-long-length-necklaces. Chains that fall above your collarbone will make your face appear rounder and younger. 

On the other hand, chokers and short necklaces are perfect for heart-shaped faces. They create the illusion of a wider chin and accentuate your best features! The same goes for oval face shapes: shorter chains soften the face.

Standard Necklace Lengths 

It is essential to understand the length of necklaces before buying. 

Here are the popular necklace lengths: 

Choker: 14”- 16”

Princess: 18”

Matinee: 20”- 24”

Opera: 30”

Ropes & Lariats: 35”

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