JCK Magazine Predicts 2014 Jewelry Trends

Every January JCK Magazine’s Jennifer Heebner publishes its predictions on the year’s jewelry trends. This year is no different. We have decided to share with you some of their assessments and to complement them with some images of gorgeous ZYDO jewelry, illustrating each trend.

Jewelry trends are derived from the three Rs: red carpet, runway, and real life. Here’s a list of 12 trends compiled through jewelry market research of new styles seen at shows and during market appointments and an analysis of runway fashions and top looks at awards shows.

Radiant Orchid. Call it fuchsia or purply-pink; they’re both appropriate names for Pantone color No. 18-3224, otherwise known as Radiant Orchid. It’s what the self-proclaimed color authority has chosen for its 2014 Color of the Year, so expect to see a surge of the hue in clothing—and in jewelry as a by-product.

Trends 2014 copy

Orange. It color-blocks beautifully with all the blue we’ve seen on the runways and in jewelry, as well as with Radiant Orchid. For that reason, orange should be a go-to jewel color for retailers in 2014.

Trends 2014 2 copy

Blue. Yes, it’s still going strong. It was all over the runways for spring and has been abundant in jewelry collections all year. Snap up styles in sapphire, topaz, and any other desirable variations.

Trends 2014 3 copy

Minimalist jewels and geometric shapes. Think stud earrings, bar or stick motifs, and other sleek, uncomplicated silhouettes that will subtly enhance spring’s angular frocks, graphic prints and logos, and menswear-inspired styles. Strong geometric forms (pyramids, circles, etc.) perfectly parallel these designs, further enhancing spring’s fashion statements.

Trends 2014 4 copy

Bracelets. Admittedly, this is kind of a big duh; of course folks are going to wear bracelets. But consider that the unifier in all of spring’s clothing—from menswear-inspired numbers to rocker-chic getups, T-shirts and jeans, or sleeveless tops—is often a bare wrist that demands coverage. To wit, clients’ go-to accessories are bangles, cuffs, stacking styles, or wide models with clasps.

Trends 2014 5 copy

Stud earrings. These are an ideal to accent minimalist looks, as well as a fave among Hollywood stars who often wear them to awards shows. Studs are also inherently wallet friendly, unisex, and available in designs as numerous as the celebrities who walk the red carpet.

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