Fall’s Fine Jewelry Forecast: Onyx Rings & Earrings

The future is bright for fine jewelry featuring onyx this fall, but don’t let it hear you say so. This dark beauty – recently worn by actress Keri Russel at the annual Critics Association Awards – has been carving out its place in history for ages. Formed in the vesicles of lava, this captivating mineral was a favorite amongst ancient Greek Jewelry designers and has remained so to present day. Let’s take a quick look at what makes this semiprecious stone so wonderful.

Onyx has outstanding physical properties thanks to its parallel bands of contrasting colors (while most people are only aware of the harder to find pure black onyx, it also exists in a variety of colors, usually mixed together). These bands give it a unique characteristic in cameo – or carved – jewelry. In cameo jewelry, the images are formed by carving shapes down to the desired colors so they would contrast with the background. The meticulous process results in contrasting elements that fuse together to create a scene.

early fine jewelry made with layered white and black onyx

A Layered Onyx Cameo Featuring a Wedding | Photo: Barbara McManus, 2002

Intaglio jewelry was created in a similar technique but with colored indentations instead. Both jewelry-making processes were a major luxury art form in the ancient world. These carvings would often be cut as cabochons or beads and worn as fine jewelry. Onyx was also used for pottery in Egypt during the Second Dynasty.[1] It even became a popular medium with art deco sculptures at the turn of the 20th century. The shimmering stone has been cherished across time and cultures making it a truly timeless treasure.

Now that we have colder weather and greyer days leading us into the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to play into a few dark classics. We’re really looking forward to the Madcap Aristocrat look taking off and we’re certain that black onyx will be one of her preferred adornments. So to help get this style party started we have 2 stunning pieces of black onyx jewelry – handmade by your favorite Italian designer – that we feel will steal the show at every end-of-year event.


Kerri Russel Wearing Black Onyx Ring & Zuhair Murad at TCA Awards | Image: The Fashion Spot

We loved seeing Keri Russell wearing a kimono-like outfit – straight from Zuhair Murad’s 2015 Fall Runway – with flowing hair, natural makeup and a giant black onyx ring that completed the look. It would have been a perfect night for us if she had been wearing our 18kt white gold ring, which features a beautiful custom cut onyx weighing 14.61cts, perfectly accentuated by 2.44cts of sparkling white diamonds along with 1.88cts of black diamonds in a flawless pave setting.

A white gold ring with diamonds and black onyx by ZYDO Italian JewelryShe could have also made a bold statement by choosing this gold ring with diamonds and onyx, which was handmade by ZYDO in the heart of Italy. This fabulous 18kt white and rose gold ring showcases a stunning custom cut black onyx, weighing 4.80cts. Truly capturing the ZYDO essence, this masterfully cut gemstone is accentuated by 0.77cts of sparkling diamonds. I love the angles created by its square shape – they add a fantastic dynamic to any outfit. If rose gold isn’t the right look for you, then you might consider custom ordering this charming ring in white or yellow gold.

gold cocktail ring with diamonds and onyx by ZYDO Italian JewelryLadies interested in creating a sophisticated look that demands attention might be interested in these 18kt gold pendant earrings with white and black diamonds, which feature custom cut onyxes weighing 45.90cts along with 2.14cts of round black diamonds and 1.49cts of sparkling round white diamonds for a delicate and elegant design. Notably, they were handcrafted in Italy – alongside our entire Italian Jewelry collection – by ZYDO.

Rose gold pendant earrings with white and black diamonds by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

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