Jewelry Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2019

Every woman loves jewelry, whether understated, personal favorites, or our most attention-getting, extravagant bling. Most of all, we love jewelry that lets our true selves shine through. When your style truly reflects you, there are no wrong choices—wear what you love.

That said, timing is everything, and coordination matters—the piece you love may not suit every outfit or occasion. When worn at the wrong time, even the best jewelry doesn’t flatter its wearer—or itself.

The famous adage, “less is more” should be your guide to make 2019 the year you wear your jewelry perfectly. Use the right pieces, in the right amount, to match every occasion. The right diamond jewelry should enhance your natural beauty—not overwhelm or mask it.

To help you and your best diamond jewelry work and play well with others, ZYDO Italy brings you the 5 jewelry mistakes you should avoid in 2019 to remain always in style!

Before proceeding, you may want to refresh yourself on which gold jewelry matches your skin tone. Start with the fundamentals!

Mistake #1: Wearing Extravagant Jewelry with a Morning Outfit

Mornings are the perfect time to look professional and sophisticated. Even the brightest colors can be your ally in this task as long as the jewelry you choose doesn’t oversaturate the overall brightness of your look. Wear small pieces with moderate brightness.

Here’s a great example: this white gold flower ring. The delicate diamond leaves add a simple, sophisticated touch to your outfit. Match it with these white gold square stud earrings and you’ll rock mornings.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Focal Piece

Although we love all our jewels equally, an outfit should have a focal piece—a single more prominent accessory that anchors the overall look. Some people say “too much is never enough,” especially when it comes to diamonds, but wearing many pieces of equal “weight” can make your outfit look busy and gaudy—a big mistake.

How to have a balanced look?

Pick a beautiful diamond piece as a focal point to your look and accompany it with smaller, less eye-catching jewels. For example, if this white gold necklace with diamonds is the centerpiece, a perfect companion is this delicate white gold round rosette ring.

Once you understand the theory, finding the balance between a focal diamond jewel and other accessories is a breeze.

Mistake #3: All Big, Unbalanced Pieces

There are some universally agreed-upon rules in the world of jewelry and style: what goes together and what doesn’t.

What’s the most basic mismatch? Wearing nothing but big, bright pieces.

Aside from lacking a focal point (as we mentioned above), large pieces everywhere fail at one of the most important jobs of beautiful diamond jewelry—balancing against your proportions and natural beauty. It’s fine if you want to add more daring details and show off a little more brightness, but follow some simple parameters: if you use big earrings, use simpler necklaces; if you wear big bracelets, use simple rings. Simple, right?

Follow this principle and you’ll come up with great pairings of diamond jewelry like ZYDO’s white gold bracelet with round and emerald cut diamonds, and our white gold ring with round and emerald cut diamonds.

Mistake #4: Choosing Jewelry That Doesn’t Match the Occasion

Planning your outfits should be a daily habit. It’s an activity that goes hand in hand with your weekly schedule. Every article of clothing and jewelry in your collection has a specific place, time, and occasion where it looks its best.

Our white gold pendant earrings, for example, are the perfect accessory for a Hollywood party, red carpet gala, or other show-stopping moment, but they’re out of place at a work brunch with a potential client.  

What would you wear at that business meeting instead? Understated and delicate white gold huggie earrings, the perfect choice for a professional and fashionable look.

Mistake #5: Basic Dresses Without Sparkly Accessories

The little black dress, the simple sheath, the “travel dress”—these are your versatile, workhorse fashion friends. These pieces of clothing are essential when you need to achieve an elegant, clean look.

But a dress like this can’t stand alone. It’s a big mistake not to match a simple, understated outfit with a shining, eye-catching focal piece.

A simple outfit will only make you shine if you add the right diamond jewel—this white gold wide stretch bracelet with diamonds from our Stretch collection will elevate your LBD—and you—to new heights.

Great style is built on details. Master them with your unique ZYDO jewelry and you’ll leave these 5 jewelry mistakes far behind.

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