Our Jewelry Picks for 2018’s Holiday Season

The year is ending, and this holiday season brings joy, bright colors, new trends, and lots of chances to show off your own unique jewelry collection. Winter is a time of transformation, a chance to glitter on intimate winter evenings and stand out in the red, green, and silver of holiday celebrations!

How do you make a holiday splash?

Start by following the top colors fashion designers showed in their winter collections for this season: Ultra Violet, Ceylon Yellow, and Quetzal Green.

The winter weather is a great time to show off some of the most elegant styles that have waited anxiously in our closets through warmer weather—but they’re nothing without the right jewelry making you shine. Our bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings collections complement every style; you just need to match them with the new trends to impress at every holiday event.

If you’re curious how to match your look with your diamond jewelry this holiday season, we’re here to help!

But first, if you want to dazzle with your new diamond earrings these holidays, you need to know which are the best earrings for your face shape. Just click here to find out!

Diamond Jewelry for the Company Party

Every December, companies celebrate the end of the year by throwing a party for their employees. It’s an opportunity to strengthen ties and reinforce company values. For you, it’s also the perfect moment to show your most elegant and professional outfit!

Where to start?

First, choose lighter, more sober colors. While it’s true this year’s winter colors are more dramatic than ever, the basics of white and cream are also part of the trend. Wear a loose jumpsuit or a simple, light dress. Of course, elegant black will never steer you wrong for an evening party—but this is about standing out!

Accompany your light look with handcrafted diamond jewelry pieces to add some drama. Our classic Yellow Gold Stretch Ring with Diamonds could be a perfect fit for the occasion. Match it with these Yellow Gold Flower Earrings and you’re good to go!

Dinner Party with Friends

This is definitely a more relaxed atmosphere, but don’t ever sacrifice glamour! Go for comfortable but fashionable—consider something like a classic sea blue turtleneck sweater and a bright red coat!

Increase the fun factor of your outfit using jewelry with white gold accents—the perfect pop to the contrasting colors! Our White Gold Pendant With Diamonds is a great choice for this holiday ensemble.

The finishing touch—put on our Round Rosette Stud Earrings and you’ll be the star of the night.

The Big Gathering—Holiday Parties

These are some of the most anticipated nights of the holiday season—family and friends combine to create some of the biggest social gatherings of the year. Mix bold colors and create a traditional and glamorous outfit: try a red blouse matched with an oversized creamy white coat-—simple but fashionable. Gold-set diamond jewelry brings luxury and luster to your casual elegance.

ZYDO’s White and Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet is the perfect pick!

New Year’s Eve Party Look

The real party of the season is here! Champagne, music, excitement—whether it’s a house party that pulls out all the stops or a high-end gathering at a popular venue, it’s time to be bold and authentic. Dare yourself—follow the bold color trends this year and have all eyes on you. After all, it’s your last chance to make an amazing impression this year!

Rock this year’s edgiest winter color: Ultra Violet. As Pantone states, this shade of purple is enigmatic and “full of emotion.” It’s been embraced this year by those who dare to stand out, go against the grain, and make themselves the star. Add a pair of White Gold Drop Cluster Earrings to accent the bold look. Make the most of this color and mix it with beautiful diamond jewelry to shine and show off your individuality!

This new year, experiment! 2019 invites the new, different, and courageous to take control. Try different colors and wear your most avant-garde jewelry. Be authentic, unique, and eternal… like a diamond!

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