3 Fine Jewelry Shopping Tips for Mother’s Day


Are you as excited as we are for the May weather that’s just a few weeks away now? This time of year always sings to a special place in our hearts. As the days grow warmer and longer it seems our spirits tend to rise. The whole world wakes back up in spring. It’s a time for new life, beauty and abundance. Perhaps this is why we have decided to celebrate our mothers on the second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day will be on May 10th this year and to show our appreciation for ladies everywhere, we have decided to help them by helping you. This is the time of year when everyone has a chance to thank the woman who brought him into this world. By taking a few extra steps when choosing her gift you can be sure that it will count for more than just thought. Why not get her something that she will absolutely adore?

Before we get started we could mention the sleepless nights and infinite stress that you probably placed on your mother as an infant… and then again as a toddler. And child. And teenager. And possibly still. But we won’t – because we know you have already considered all of this, and now you simply want to learn how to get her the best gift ever.

Let’s give her fine jewelry that she will treasure forever. And wear, too! Simply follow these three easy steps to figure out where to begin when you start looking for that extra special gift for Mother’s Day this year.


Step 1. Assess the type of Italian jewelry that’s right for her

Choosing the right fine italian jewelry is a challenge that begins long before the jewelry store. In fact, it might require a little bit of sly reconnaissance. Do you know if your mother prefers necklaces to earrings? Does she wear jewelry that pushes the edge of fashion or does she keep to the classics? Try to recall her typical outfits on special occasions. It will also help to pay attention to her latest fashion choices.

Start by identifying the type. This will most likely be a necklace, pendant, bracelet or earrings. (Mother’s Day might not be the best time for a ring unless given by husbands.) We suggest finding a wonderful necklace or pendant that will complement her style.

You can use the The Chic Fashionista’s Fashion Style Quiz to identify her general style type. This will help guide you toward classic, creative, dramatic, natural, trendy or romantic style choices when it comes time to consider your options. Knowing where to start will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.


Step 2. Choose a band that will match her skin tone

Once it’s time to start looking at some pieces we should filter our options to those that will make your mother look great. To do this we will simply choose a base color that works for her skin tone.

If your mother’s natural skin tone is cool, then silver jewelry might be the most complementary choice in jewelry for her. Cooler skin toned women tend to be more sensitive to sun exposure with lighter, brighter eye colors. These women will also have veins that appear blue near their wrists.

On the other hand, gold will look best when worn against warmer skin tones. Think about her past fashion choices and go-to colors. Does your mother’s skin look fantastic when she wears a yellow t-shirt or gold jewelry? If so, her skin tone might be warm. You can confirm this by inconspicuously catching a glimpse of her wrists and checking to see if her veins appear to be green. Of course having a simple conversation about the matter with your mother might be an easier approach.


Step 3. Pick gems that will play into her personality

Traditionally, choosing jewelry for your mother based on her birthstone has been a safe move. However, picking out gems that bring out her personality will make the gift extra special. Diamonds will always make a powerful statement, but would black diamonds help your mother pull off a more sophisticated look?

On the other hand, pearls might offer a more elegant appeal. The undeniably beautiful, yet subtle personality of these gems teems with grace. So what happens when you combine pearls with black and white diamonds? You get this one-of-a-kind 18kt white gold long necklace, which showcases 28.62cts of dazzling black and white diamonds with over 38 grams of stunning black Tahitian pearls.

You might consider some colorful sapphires if you decide to get her earrings this year. These delightful gems are bursting with energy and will be the perfect addition to your mother’s warm weather wardrobe. ZYDO has a wonderful selection of sapphire earrings to peruse online. If she enjoys colors, yet tends to keep them slightly subtle, then her perfect piece might feature a lovely array of violet amethyst. Our springtime collection, Primavera, includes several pieces of amethyst jewelry that will be the perfect gift for your mother this season.


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