Kelly Wearstler’s Secret for an Organized Jewelry Closet

Interior and fashion designer Kelly Wearstler has a knack for decorating and organizing.  Her Instagram is quickly becoming the web’s go-to-place for styling and beauty tips as well as organizing advice.  Jewelry storage tips are no exception.  A few days ago Wearstler posted a picture of her jewelry closet and we have to admit that it is one of the better organized closet we have seen.  Her secret: organize everything by metal.


Kelly Wearstler’s Jewelry Closet
Kelly Wearstler’s Jewelry Closet – Instagram


Her many followers seem to love the tip, judging from the comments to her picture, and so do we.  One comment from aureliaonetsy stood out to us: “Wish I had enough jewelry to organize by metal”.  We certainly understand the quandary Aurelia.  But, allow us to be a little presumptuous and dare to invite you to stock up at ZYDO.

For more tips and beautiful images make sure to visit Kelly Wearstler’s Intagram.

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