Luxury Travel Destinations in Italy: Discover Amalfi


Have you decided on where your next vacation will take you, yet? This year’s warm weather has been keeping our minds on the beach. But we prefer to spend our precious vacation time near luxurious hotels, exquisite restaurants and fabulous shops full of lots of fine jewelry. So where can you go to find everything desired? Try a luxury resort along the Italian coast.

One of our favorite towns is nuzzled at the foot of Monte Cerreto in the province of Salerno. Truly a gem of the Compania region, Amalfi’s western border faces the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and offers a plethora of fabulous experiences. Fancy a refreshing sip of Limoncello on the beach before shopping for diamond earrings? This well established cultivar of lemons is the birthplace of Italy’s original lemon flavored liqueur.

Amalfi also has a rich heritage in papermaking. The town is known best for their hand-made Bambagina, a lush paper used throughout Italy for wedding invitations. In fact, the Museum of Handmade Paper now celebrates its tradition and standing as an original center of papermaking in Europe. If you find time to step away from the beach, we certainly suggest you visit the museum.

You will find several inspiring locations throughout the town. For instance, the Amalfi Cathedral, built in the 9th century, still stands proudly in the Piazza del Duomo. This architectural masterpiece teems with Southern Italian artistic style and has received splashes of influence from a variety of cultural styles along the way.

The Arsenal of the Maritime Republic offers another amazing glimpse of Italy’s cultural history. This coastal structure originally served to build and repair warships. These days, however, the building sees more art fairs than warfare, which should make your visit more pleasant.

Speaking of pleasant, what happened to the hotels, restaurant and fine jewelry? We know your seaside excursion would not be complete without a luxurious taste of Italian hospitality. One of the finest experiences that you will find in Almefia is a stay at the elegant Hotel Santa Caterina. Surrender yourself to a world of comfort and bliss.

Boasting all of the expected amenities at a luxury resort, this 19th century style villa is immersed in the natural charm of the Amalfi Coast. Whether you prefer to take a dip in the sea or lounge in the sun by the pool this place has something for everyone. Beyond the Beach Club you will find the hotel’s boutique where you may find exquisite majolica ceramics and a selection of Italian jewelry as well.

We suggest you explore the entire Amalfi Coast. There are hidden treasures throughout and plenty of local shops to peruse for fine jewelry lovers and fashionistas alike. Be sure to keep an eye out for  ZYDO’s upcoming Jewelry Travel Case Sweepstakes for a chance to win a limited edition fine jewelry travel organizer. This will help you keep track of any jewelry you bring along and will make bringing back your new favorite pieces a much simpler process.

Of course this is only a small taste of Italy’s luxury vacation destinations. Follow ZYDO’s blog this summer to get an inside look at more of our favorite places.

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