The Ultimate Guide

Necklines and Necklaces: The Ultimate Guide

Deciding on the perfect necklace for each neckline is a good skill to cultivate; it’s one that, when mastered, can elevate your style and outfit choices to effortlessly chic.

Though fashion is about exploring and breaking rules to express your unique style and personality, there are some tried-and-true guidelines from designers and fashion experts on how to best flatter the human form that are good places to start.

Be bold, and remember: there’s a necklace for every neckline… even wearing a turtleneck, you can rock a beautiful necklace!

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Necklaces and Collared Shirts

Would you agree that collared, “button down” shirts and blouses are underrated? Their versatility makes them essential ingredients in a look that is polished, effortless, or unique.

Give the look a twist by wearing them buttoned up, or leaving a couple undone. Pair them with jeans, elegant Palazzo pants, tailored slacks, or fitted skirts to accentuate your form.

One of our favorite ways to pair a necklace with a collared shirt is with an open collar, creating a V-neck neckline perfect for layered chains and pendants, such as this white gold hand pendant with diamonds that loves to come out for absolutely any occasion.

white gold hand pendant diamonds

Necklaces for V-Necks

This shouldn’t surprise you at all: V-necks pair better with necklaces that mimic their shape, falling in a V shape as well. Naturally, this makes us think of pendants first.

But there’s more to it: pay attention to the space BETWEEN the base of the necklace and the neckline. A good guideline is to keep an inch or so of space between them.

Of course, the pendant shouldn’t be too big, and definitely shouldn’t fall over—or under—your top.

Take a look at your favorite V-neck top, and picture yourself wearing it with this spectacular rose gold medium heart pendant with diamonds pave set…isn’t it romantic?

rose gold medium heart pendant

Necklaces for Boat Necks

As with other wide necklines, boat necks get along with longer necklaces that complement their shape: matching their width with length and verticality, drawing out and accentuating your throat and collarbone. The right necklace with a boat neck will lengthen and slenderize.

If you ask us, this unforgettable white and rose gold balls pendant with diamonds would be an exciting, unique, and flattering BFF with your favorite boat neck top. What do you think?

white and rose gold balls pendant

Necklaces for Off-Shoulder Tops

There are two main types of off the shoulder tops: Bardot tops—though it’s off-shoulder, it still has sleeves—and the strapless with no sleeves that can either have a straight neckline as the Bardot does, or more of a sweetheart shape.

Short necklaces, especially ones that lay over the neckline, are great for off-shoulder styles—they lengthen the torso and frame your neck. We can’t think of a better, more timeless, classically fabulous example than this delicate white gold necklace with diamonds.

white gold necklace

Necklaces for Crew and Round Necks

Round and crew necks are so versatile when it comes to necklaces—you can wear almost anything and nail it. The real challenge is to pay attention to the length of your necklace—they can be longer or shorter than the neckline, but never cut too close.

A cute short chain with a dainty pendant such as this yellow gold star with diamonds plays beautifully with every casual, everyday outfit in your wardrobe—we love its brightness and simplicity for all seasons!

yellow gold star with diamonds

Necklaces for Turtlenecks

Yes! You can pull off wearing necklaces with turtlenecks and look fantastic—no boring winter outfits!

This one is a no-brainer: if you want to use a necklace with a turtleneck, make sure it doesn’t fight the neck in any way.

What does this mean?

A turtleneck can seem to make your neck disappear and your torso seem “bunched”, so a pendant or a longer necklace can fill the negative space and elongate your torso. Vertical ribs and knits make this even better!

Our pick?

This timeless extra long white gold necklace with diamonds will never, ever let you down. Wear it with any high neckline, all season, and you’ll be amazing.

white gold necklace with diamonds

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