ZYDO’s New Italian Jewelry Collection Opal

October is well under way now and it’s beginning to look a lot like Opal in the world of Italian fine jewelry. This month’s birthstone has been receiving a lot of attention, so we’re joining in on the fun by featuring 3 of our favorite pieces from our new collection dedicated to the precious mineraloid, Opal. But first, let’s go over the physical properties that make Opal such a wonderful choice for Italian jewelers.

Unlike most minerals, which expand in crystal patterns, Opal’s non-crystalline nature causes it to diffract – or spread – light, which results in a beautiful multicolored spectrum. This behavior earned it an early place in superstitious beliefs, as jewelry lovers in the Middle Ages believed it to possess the same virtues found in gemstones of each color present.[1]

A white gold ring with opal and pink sapphires by ZYDO Italian JewelryWhile we haven’t put that theory to the test – yet – we have found Opal to be a very powerful fashion accessory. The luxurious addition ads an undeniably charming accent to the pieces it adorns. Its complementary nature makes it a fine jewelry designer’s dream as you can use it alongside other precious gemstones. For example, this colorful, handmade, 18kt white gold ring showcases an oval cabochon opal weighing 7.73cts surrounded by 9.48cts of rose cut pink sapphires, for an overall flower-like design.

White and yellow gold ring with red opal and orange sapphires by ZYDO Italian Jewelry

We also love this fiery 18kt white and yellow gold ring, which showcases an oval cabochon red opal weighing 8.33cts surrounded by 14.28cts of rose cut orange sapphires, for an overall sun-like design. Of course this piece – and all of ZYDO’s stunning Italian Jewelry – was handcrafted in Italy by our traditional process.

White gold ring with orange opal and yellow sapphires by ZYDO Italian JewelrySpeaking of fiery, we can’t get enough of this white gold ring with orange opal and yellow sapphires. It’s the perfect choice for Scorpios and Libras with warm skin tones. The striking 18kt white gold ring showcases an oval cabochon opal weighing 8.62cts surrounded by 7.36cts of rose cut yellow sapphires, creating a dazzling effect.

Be sure to catch our upcoming trunk shows to see and feel these and other exquisite pieces in person when we come to your town this year!

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[1] Fernie, William Thomas (907). Precious Stones for Curative Wear. Bristol, John Wright & Co. pp. 248–249.

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