Our Jewelry Picks for 2018’s Hottest Summer Destinations

Our Jewelry Picks for 2018’s Hottest Summer Destinations

Can you believe summer is here already?

As much as we love longer days and special Friday happy hours at work, there’s nothing like a good dose of rest and relaxation far away from home to get our energy back. If you’re lucky, you’ve decided to take some days off in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t planned your summer getaway yet, what are you waiting for? Every summer is the perfect time of the year to disconnect yourself from the world. Even the hardest working woman can use a break every once in a while.

Every ZYDO woman should enjoy her summer holidays in style—and that goes beyond choosing a stunning wardrobe or luxurious travel luggage. The experience is what makes any vacation unforgettable, and picking the right location is part of it.

But, what’s the perfect summer trip like?

The perfect summer getaway is unique for every woman, but there are some things in common: an awesome destination, lots of sightseeing and fun activities, great food, and a comfortable place to rest.

This is why today, we bring you our hottest summer destinations for this year. They’ve become the favorites of travel experts and globetrotters, and we bet you’ll adore them as well.

And, of course, we give you a selection of fine jewelry you can’t forget to pack for whichever place you choose. You need to bring your best jet-setter style to the table for those Instagram pictures, right?

But first, don’t forget to keep your beautiful gems safe, no matter which destination you choose!


Fiji is the perfect destination to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy. It consists of around 332 islands, but only a third are inhabited, giving you over two hundred exotic shorelines to get away from the crowd.

Fiji beach

But remember this, castaway: Fiji’s appeal is not just the islands but its people, their culture, and their cuisine.

So, while exploring the beautiful windswept seaside towns and eating a marvelous feast, you should look your best. With this pair of drop hoop earrings, you’ll mesmerize locals and fellow travellers alike.

ZYDO White Gold Drop Hoop Earrings with Round and Fancy Cut Diamonds

Part of our Unique Collection, these exceptional 18kt white gold drop front-facing hoop earrings feature 13.68cts of round, pear, and princess cut diamonds in an elegant design.


No list of the hottest summer destinations is complete without a visit to Latin America. The tropical climate, dreamy beaches, and fun-loving locals make it an amazing region to visit for some R&R.

Now, the beaches and the nightlife are great, but what if you have an adventurous streak and want to spend your vacation days exploring some of the most extensive and wild rainforests in the world? Costa Rica is the place for you to go.

Costa Rica

During the summer months, it’s the green season in this Central American country. The weather is a balanced mix of sunshine and tropical rain, which keeps the local flora and fauna thriving. This makes Costa Rica the perfect ecotourism destination, with 29 national parks, 19 wildlife refuges, and 8 biological reserves.

To add a glamorous dose of greenery to your wardrobe, you need to board that plane to Costa Rica with this gorgeous yellow gold bracelet.

ZYDO Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet with Diamonds, Multicolored Sapphires, and Tsavorites

This exquisite bracelet showcases 12.44cts of beautiful sapphires, tsavorites, and—tucked among them, you can revel in the sight of—0.79cts of sparkling round diamonds. Together, along with the 18kt yellow gold, they create a colorful and eye-catching look. We don’t recommend wearing it while hiking, but you can show it off when you go out for dinner afterwards.


This coastal South African city is one of the most complete dream destinations in the world. It has one of the best food scenes, fabulous nightlife, beautiful beaches, cutting-edge art, and a buzzing commercial scene all within minutes of incredible wildlife and scenic mountains for hiking.

Whether you’re sipping South Africa’s world-renowned red, white, or rosé wines, this rose gold ring will be your best companion.

ZYDO Rose Gold Flower Ring with Fancy Cut Diamonds

This unforgettable 18kt rose gold ring features 2.79cts of sparkling marquise and pear shaped diamonds arranged as three beautiful flowers. Wear it and let your summer spirit blossom.

Whichever summer destination you choose for this 2018, make some room in your suitcase for the ear bling, too. Before you start packing, check out the top earring trends for this season.

Destination vacations refresh the body and spirit and let us experience the beauty of the world—why not return the favor and share your unique beauty right back?

For more beautiful, handcrafted Italian jewelry, visit www.zydo.com. Be eternal.

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