Pretty in Peridot: Gemstone of the Month


The month of August boasts the Peridot as it’s birthstone. Peridot is not as commonly known as other gemstones but is nonetheless a brilliant stone that is coveted for its lime or olive green color. The vivid green of peridot, with a slight hint of gold, is the ideal color to match your light summer wardrobe. No wonder, it’s the gemstone for the summer month of August. This beautiful stone is also unique in that it is formed deep inside the earth and is later brought to the surface by volcanoes.

Peridot History

Peridot has a very long history. Ancient papyri record the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC. The main source of peridot in the ancient world was in the Egyptian Red Sea. The stones were used for carved talismans. Island inhabitants were forced to collect the gems for the Pharaoh’s treasury. Peridot was historically believed to have magical powers and healing properties that protect against nightmares and brings the wearer power, influence, and a wonderful year.

Today’s Stone

Today the peridot gem is still prized for its yellowish green hues and long history. Most of the peridot supply today comes from Arizona, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan. The stone adds a wonderful diversity to the color spectrum of green gemstones on the market. It is beginning to be used more and more in series jewelry. And since the world of fashion is now in the process of rediscovering its love for the color green, the popularity of this rich green gemstone is also very much on the rise!

What Peridot Green Says About You

The color green comes in many shades and tones, but peridot green is a very specific shade that says a lot about the woman who wears it. The mysterious allure of the olive toned green stone gives you an aura of mystery and suspense. Wearing peridot gemstones make people look your way and think “I wonder who she is?” Dab on some luscious dark red lipstick to go with your peridot jewels and you’ll be walking around in confidence with every step you take!

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