Blooming is The Perfect Jewelry Collection for Fall


Updating your fall wardrobe with a few pieces of new fine jewelry can be quite fun

We believe that the right Italian jewelry for this time of year should be balanced between sophistication and fun. Fall is the perfect season to show off your fashionable side, but creating the right look depends on playing into the cooler weather and grayer days with smart choices. Here are 3 reasons why we feel that our energetic – yet refined – collection, Blooming is the perfect collection to add a much needed touch of spring to these chilly days.

A charming Italian jewelry collection inspired by the magic of spring, Blooming:

Although fall fashion generally favors dull colors, most outfits can benefit from a strong and energetic accent piece that provides a nice pop of color. That’s why we think our energetic collection, Blooming, will have something for everyone. Featuring multicolored sapphires and diamonds, this tribute to spring’s splendor ought to add a much needed spark of life on these gloomy days.

a white gold ring with round and emerald cut diamondsThis handcrafted 18kt white gold band features 5.02cts of dazzling emerald cut diamonds, each approximately 0.25cts. They are accentuated by 1.14cts of sparkling round diamonds that will complement any outfit playing into greys. The highly refined band is also flexible, which makes it an extremely comfortable piece of Italian luxury.

Plus, it’s currently reduced in price from $25,000 to $17,500 for Black Friday Week.

Gold Ring with Diamonds and Emerald Cuy Blue SapphiresThis 18kt white gold ring features 3.23cts of elegant emerald cut blue sapphires and was made by hand in Italy. As we have discussed before, blue sapphires carry the highest intervalance charges, so this sophisticated ring will literally supercharge your wardrobe. Plus, it’s accentuated by 0.21cts of sparkling round diamonds to give it even more pop.

Black Friday Sale Price: was $3,900 | now it’s $2,730 until Nov. 30th

A white gold ring with diamonds and emerald cut orange sapphires by ZYDO Italian JewelryIf your outfit is ready for a luxurious ring that will cut the dull clean out of autumn’s greyest days, then look no further. This 18kt white gold ring features 6.41cts of luscious emerald cut orange sapphires, accentuated by 0.65cts of sparkling round diamonds. The stunning, handcrafted, statement ring is available in white, yellow and rose gold so you can choose the color that best complements your skin tone. Look out holiday parties – here comes fabulous!

Black Friday Sale Price: was $3,850 | now it’s $2,695 until Nov. 30th


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